Monday, December 10, 2018

Fall Fun 2018: Everyday Cuteness

On September 10th Tyler had his 1st day of Kindergarten. He was the only one at our assigned bus stop. I really miss it coming right to our house like last year, but at least the bus came right on time where it was supposed to arrive (as opposed to last year's three days of the driver not knowing she had the wrong address for us in spite of my six phone calls to transportation services).

After an entire summer with both kids to entertain, I couldn't believe how much more free time I had with Tyler in full time school that first day. At one point I remember thinking "Allison is asleep, there are still over two hours before Tyler gets home, and he's already eaten lunch and had his second dose of medicine. My house might actually be clean now that Tyler's in Kindergarten."

Our assigned bus stop is at the opposite end of our complex at the entrance we never use. Technically walking through our neighborhood is a shorter distance than leaving the complex through our closer entrance, but I never went that way. I'd prefer to get out to the main road as soon as possible so we can have sidewalk, check the mail, and so the bus driver can see us if we haven't quite made it yet. I was really disappointed that first day that there weren't any other kids at our stop (Tyler's in a school just for Kindergarteners this year). It's also uncomfortably close to an undeveloped area where a lot of drug activity goes down. This was very unappealing to me since his assigned drop off time is 4:24 p.m., which is almost dark in the winter. I really didn't want to be waiting for his drop off at that scary spot alone with Allison. I also figured Tyler would prefer to wait at a stop with other kids to play with. After our first week I checked with the bus driver and found out that the stop just before ours is actually less of a walk than the roundabout way I'd been going to our assigned stop. We tried it out the next week and were delighted to find 4 other boys there. Tyler's much happier there and I'm more comfortable having other parents around waiting with me.

As the bus was arriving on our first day at the new stop, he gave me and Allison hugs and then gave all the other boys hugs too. The next day he went to hug the boys again, but I said "Tyler, you don't need to hug them goodbye. They're coming with you." So what'd he do? He hugged their moms instead. He's such a sweetie!

Allison turned 3 on September 11th. I took her to Chick Fil A for lunch and Oscar made her a unicorn ducky cake modeled after her favorite toy. At first she asked for a unicorn cake, but then after playing with her unicorn ducky so much she started asking for a unicorn ducky cake. Oscar made one out of thin mint cake mix we'd had in the pantry for months along with some vanilla frosting and rice crispy treats.

Allison is obsessed with that ducky. We had to make her stop taking it to bed since it'd fall out of her hand and she'd wake up really upset. One time she lost it while sleeping during our Silverwood trip. I found it in her bed and she delightedly exclaimed "unicorn ducky is back!" before falling instantly back to sleep.
Here's Tyler happy about his new T-Rex shirt with glow in the dark teeth and in the pajamas and socks he'd picked out for himself. Here's Allison wanting a picture because Tyler was having one, enjoying some "baby unicorns" I'd got from someone off Buy Nothing, and actually eating salad. I convinced her to eat the lettuce by telling her she could wrap it around a crouton first.

Towards the end of the month I started potty training Allison by taking away her diapers, keeping her at home, and having her sit on the potty regularly. Unfortunately it only worked part way. It got her to start peeing on the potty, but she still doesn't identify the need to go on her own, so she only poops on the potty if she just happens to need to poop when I have her sit on it. I kept her in undies for a long time, but after something like 20 poopy accidents in her undies, we've resorted to pull-ups.

Cute kiddos! Allison really likes when daddy makes German pancakes. She asked me for "hot pancake" once and I told her daddy has to make them for her (I never make them since I hate eggs). Daddy came home for his lunch break 20 minutes later, which made her assume she was going to get "hot pancake" now.

Here's Tyler with a "happy spider" he and Oscar found after stake conference.

Make your own roller coaster and rad science at the children's museum. We sometimes go on Saturday mornings when it's member only time for an hour and the crowds are sparse.

 Tyler and I also went for Stake mothers' and sons' night

and we all went as a family for their special event "Halloween with the Lights On."

They had several Halloween themed activities and a skit downstairs. We couldn't believe Allison actually sat well through the whole thing. It was the 13 days of Halloween, like the 12 days of Christmas.

push ups with daddy!

Allison's started a coop preschool on Wednesdays, though it's more like a playgroup with a letter theme each week.

 In early October Tyler had an allergic reaction to something he ate at breakfast. At first it seemed like a classic Tyler fit. I thought he was just overreacting to being told he couldn't eat popcorn for breakfast. I nearly sent him to school thinking he'd just get over it, but he seemed so miserable that I figured "I'd probably better watch him. If he's fine in an hour, I'll drive him to school." Instead his face and body became swollen with hives and he couldn't stop scratching, so off we went to urgent care for benedryl and a steroid. I've never seen an allergic reaction before (besides seasonal) so I had no idea what was happening. Fortunately he responded well to treatment and we were able to bring him home with no further trouble. We couldn't think of anything he ate that he hadn't eaten before, so we took him in to an allergist the following week.
I held Tyler while he sat through that itchy test and did my best to stop him from scratching. Pumpkin seed and grass were his biggies with a slight reaction to Brazil nuts. There were pumpkin seeds in the yogurt he'd eaten before his big reaction, so we knew that had to be the culprit. I'm sure he's tried them before, but he never cared for them. I learned that allergic reactions get worse everytime you have one, so it might have been that he had had them before, but he ate so little and his reaction was so mild that I never noticed it.

Tyler can be gentle and quiet enough now that Leela is starting to allow him to pet her. 
Here's Tyler circling gummy bears and crossing out pumpkin seeds from the Sprouts ad.

Allison started doing physical puzzles and occasionally we find her sleeping on the floor by her door.

We put both kids in swim lessons in October. Tyler did great and advanced up to the final level in the under 6 group. It was pretty much a waste of time for Allison. She can't follow directions well enough to learn anything.

Oscar flew to Colorado for a 4 day business trip in mid October. Even though it was 62 degrees there for 2 days before he arrived, it then went to 28 degrees and then stayed around 40 for his whole trip. He got some sun but traded it for much cooler weather than we were having here.

Here's Tyler with a train he made in the nursery during choir practice and groggy Allison being woken up from her nap to go get Tyler from the bus stop.

Oscar and Tyler made a Jack Skellington for the pumpkin carving contest at our ward Halloween party. It looked good, but there were several, like this dragon, that were even more impressive.

In the car Allison and I were listening to the Chorus of the Witches from the opera Macbeth, the scene with "double double toil and trouble" where they're around the cauldron. Allison says "It's a princess party and angels are dancing!" I let her keep believing that.

While joking about something with Oscar I said "call me crazy" and Allison says "Mama's crazy!"

Tyler got an awesome school picture! I was so thrilled since I wasn't wild about his preschool picture.

 Tyler checked out a book called "Collecting Data" from his school library, which Oscar thought was awesome since his job is all about data. Unfortunately it was all about animation and way too advanced for a Kindergartener. No idea why it's in a library at a Kindergarten only school.
 Cuddles with my sweet kiddies and kitties!

Silly kids waiting to swim at Ypals! They're absolutely adorable there but we're not allowed to take pictures while they're swimming with other kids.

What cute family pictures we got at church!