Saturday, September 23, 2017

Late Summer 2017: Everyday Cuteness

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Tyler is a great little builder. Most of the time he builds on his own, but daddy did help him with the Zoob scorpion and the Kinex ferris wheel.

I have a bin I put toys in that need new batteries. I kept forgetting about it until one day when I fixed about 8 separate toys, some of which had been in there around 4 months. The kids had completely forgotten they'd even owned them and now think they're the best toys ever. It was Christmas in August!

I've gotta give a shout out to LEGO (LEGO DUPLO) for amazing customer service. Tyler loves his new motor train he got from auntie Malia so much that he had to take it with us when we went to Utah. Unfortunately on our last morning there he submerged it in water and killed the motor. I contacted the Lego company to see if I could order just the motor train piece, and they sent us a new one free of charge!

The representatve wrote "I can see this was a major accident and I would hate to leave your little guy disappointed. I am sending you a new motor train base free of charge. It's coming directly from the birthplace of the first LEGO brick in Denmark! This part would have normally cost about the same amount as the actual entire set so let our young builder know to treat it with care. I do however think that he has learned his lesson."

(Some my videos aren't uploading properly, like the one on the left. In those cases I'll provide a link to where you can watch it).

Allison started bouncing on mine and Oscar's bellies a few months ago. It wasn't long before she figured out she could do it to Tyler too.

We're back in the 1pm English ward at church, which has come with sleeping challenges for the kiddos. Here's Ty sleeping on the chairs during Sunday School. 

In August Allison learned how to play properly with shaving cream and playdoh without eating them. 

Allison was so sleepy one day she laid down on the stairs for a nap.
Cute little Allison at "the lunch house." She is such a picky eater when it comes to texture. She wants to be able to hold her food firmly. She doesn't like anything slippery.

Sand shenanigans in the backyard! 
Allison helping daddy water the yard. I'd just brought her home from the gym when she saw daddy doing yard work and wanted to play too.
A friend recently gave us this slide, so I bought a kiddie pool and filled it up with water for the kids. They were having fun, but it was cold hose water, so the looks on their faces go back and forth from joy to shock. 
I got a video of Allison's first time saying "Woo hoo!"
The next time we took them out, we decided to warm up the water. Oscar filled it up with the hose while I poured in four loads of hot water from our sink. They liked it much more warm. Allison splashed around blissfully. Tyler thought it was an outdoor bathtub and started taking off all his clothes before we told him to at least keep his shorts on.
Slide, splash, and hug!

Allison was loving every moment, especially when we added bubbles
Love this picture from our balcony! Great smiles on everyone.

One day I didn't feel like doing water and drying them off after, but the kids decided to pour sand into the pool and seemed to enjoy sliding into it just as much. I love this picture I got of them both smiling at me. I was lucky to get it since it only lasted a fraction of a second.

Another time I did pour water in the pool, but just from the hose. It didn't last as long due to the cold temperature, but they still had fun.
We've recently discovered that we can get Tyler to nap a bit more easily in our room with our black out curtains. It also helps when one of us lays down with him. 
Allison still managed to play with toys in nursery while being all rolled up in the rug.

On the right and left are Tyler's spotlight from Primary and "all about mom," all of which he answered himself. We didn't get a photo of "all about dad," but multiple answers were about how daddy cooks meat, daddy's favorite food is meat, and daddy's favorite thing to do is cooking meat with Tyler.

Tyler hit a milestone this past August - he meant his apology for the first time ever. He'd pulled Allison off the couch by her leg, causing her to whack her head on the hardwood floor. He was put in time out, told to apologize (which he did twice in his usual perfunctory way), then after the time out was over was allowed to play again. 5 minutes later he came up to us and said "daddy, I'm sorry for pulling baby's leg." I think the final one was actually legitmate.

Allison is learning to climb everywhere, which is getting a bit dangerous. Thankfully we have super strong locks on our windows which are too high for the kids to reach.

The middle picture is Allison lying down at 7-11 while daddy and Tyler got slurpees. She was just exhausted from the trauma of her fall (see below).

School of hard knocks lesson #1 - trying to jump off a 4 foot ledge into your 4 year old brother's arms is not a good idea.

Let's hope she learns from it...Fortunately she doesn't pick her scabs (unlike a certain brother of hers), so you'll see it heal pretty quickly in the following pictures.

Lovin' on daddy in the nursery room.

I just thought it was hilarious that she's dirty, scabbed, and covered in chocolate milk stains while wearing a "Best Day Ever" shirt and sitting on a vacuum sealed blanket.

Just taking in the love! Tyler's a big love bug, and whenever Allison sees him hugging mommy or daddy, she wants to hug us too. So cute!

These two pictures are from Oscar experimenting with his new digital camera lens.

Here's Tyler sleeping on daddy then getting himself tv and cereal by himself the next morning. Oscar had forgotten to lock the upstairs gate when he left, so instead of coming into my room as usual, Tyler went downstairs, got himself breakfast, and turned on the TV. He's wants to be completely independent, but he knows he can't do everything himself. One time he said to me "I want to do it myself with you and I need help."

We recently discovered Ypals at the Everett YMCA. You can leave your 3 and up kids in the pool with the aquatics staff for up to an hour on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Oscar photographed Tyler until Tyler pointed out the sign saying "no phones" (which you can hear him do in this very video).

I'm actually here at the Everett YMCA right now working on my blog while Ty's swimming in Ypals.

Climbing on daddy cuteness! Her scars were looking much better.

Tyler's puzzle solving skills just keep getting better and better. He did this puzzle on the floor entirely by himself.

Here's Ty and I after getting our faces painted at the ward party. Tyler really wanted a rainbow snake. The two pics on the left and right are what he did when Oscar told him to smile. It actually looks kind of snakelike!

Oscar's been called as the new sunbeam teacher with only two other boys in Tyler's class.

I've been happy to see Allison beginning to gain an interest in sit down activities. It never lasts long, but it's a start. Here she's doing a shapes puzzle and do a dots.

YMCA playground cuteness.
 So many smiles!
Tyler flying off the big kid slides

Some interesting clouds around our house Oscar caught on camera.

 Books and blanket sucking

I tried this 24 month tank top on Allison a few weeks before she turned 24 months. I think it was mis-sized...Good thing mom only paid $0.49 for it.

Fun at the doctor's office for Ty's 4 year well check. He got his last big round of vaccines for several years to come (excluding his annual flu shot).

We had to entertain ourselves for four days while Oscar was on a business trip in Colorado with the other managers. He was clearly working very hard...

Our sweet kitties come out for cuddles once the kids are both in bed.

Fry enjoys hugging the couch sometimes.

Here's Fry again taking advantage of the sunlight and a random container the kids left out.

The kids love the cats and the cats tolerate them.