Friday, January 29, 2010

Back to Milan

After Verona we took the train back to Milan so that I could go to church in my old ward. This is mom and I on the train.

This is the Milan train station. I'd actually never seen this main entrance of it while I was serving there.

We went to the Milan dome

This is historic Castello Sforzesco. Here's some wikipedia information on it.
Castello Sforzesco is a castle in Milan, Italy, that used to be the seat and residence of the ruling family of Milan and now houses several of the city's museums and art collections. The original construction on the site began in the 14th century. After the French victory in the 1515 Battle of Marignano, the defeated Massimiliano Sforza, his Swiss mercenaries and the cardinal-bishop of Sion retreated into the Castello Sforzesco. However, King Francis I of France followed them into Milan, and his sappers placed mines under the castle's foundations, whereupon the defenders submitted.

We made sure to get some yummy gelato at the gelateria just outside the Castle.

We were also able to see one place I'd never seen before because it was always closed while I was serving in Milan It's the bone church. It's a beautiful church where they worship the dead and have a room full of bones of real people. They line up the walls. It was gruesome, but strangely cool.

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