Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chicken Oscar funny story

While I was working at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, we had a dish that I absolutely hated - Chicken Oscar. It was Chicken topped with hollandaise sauce, asparagus, and crab. Yuck! Considering I hate hollandaise sauce and crab, it was never fun for me to serve. The smell alone was overwhelmingly awful.
Usually at JSMB the cooks would make about 10% extra meals. It makes it easier to make extra ahead of time just in case extra people arrive, and if they don't, those extra meals would go to the servers. After serving the guests, one of my coworkers said "Yum, Chicken Oscar!" and I replied "Yuck, I hate Oscar." So he said "Aw, poor Oscar, what did he ever do to deserve your hate?" And I laughed and said "Fortunately I don't know anyone personally named Oscar."
The next day I met my future husband - Oscar! It's experiences like this that convince me that God definitely has a sense of humor.

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