Friday, January 29, 2010


I first day in Genova we took a bus down to Nervi, a beautiful beach area of Genova. I didn't realize how much day to day things I did everyday on the mission (like standing for a long time on a crowded bus) would exhaust mom and Kathy.

We then ate the famous Genova focaccia (mmmm BUONO!) and went down to the Ligurian sea. It started pouring rain so we spent a lot of the time just huddled together under umbrellas since I didn't have one. The rain kept pouring and then clearing so we did get to see some really amazing views of the beach, but we went home because the rain became too intense.

We met a man selling umbrellas on the street so I bought a little one for way too much money, then I opened it up to find it had a hole. I asked to exchange and he said if I gave him another Euro he would. I flat out refused and just did the exchange myself. He was mad!

It kept pouring so we stayed in the hotel, but after 3 hours I was ready to go nuts and said "we have umbrellas. Lets go back out."

It was raining less so we went back out and saw beautiful downtown Genova. It was a bit dreary while we were there, but it really is a stunningly beautiful city. I got to go back to Italy in the summer for an opera program, and it's amazing when you see it in all its glory.

We go to Christopher Columbus' house while we were there. It was a bit dark so it's a bit difficult to see the writing in this picture.

Genova has a really famous fountain downtown. I never found one, but there's actually a postcard for sale showing missionaries teaching a potential contact at this fountain.

After seeing Columbus' house, we watched a bit of mass in a famous cathedral, and then we went all the way to the port. We sat down by the sea and enjoyed incredible view of the city.

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