Monday, January 25, 2010

My Time at the MTC

For the most part, I enjoyed my time at the MTC. Above is a bunch of the sister missionaries during our gym time. And below is an adorable pic of me and my companions studying together.

Here we are chilling out on pday (preparation day. A day to wear casual clothes, do chores, and relax).

Here's me among some flowers outside of our dorm building.

I love this picture of all of us outside our dorm.

Even though, on the whole, I enjoyed my experience at the MTC, there were definitely aspects that were difficult for me. The rules there are super duper strict, and I hated being treated like a child again and getting reprimanded for breaking some rule I wasn't aware of. But I loved basking in the spirit all day long, I had lots of fun with the other missionaries, and I learned a ton.
I ended up in a threesome companionship. The pic below is all of us at the Provo temple. Sorella (sister) Emily Sorenson was also going to Milan, and Sorella Tanya Gale was going to Rome. Both had been going to BYU, and I guess the transition to the MTC wasn't as much of a change for them. They didn't seem bothered by it at all.

Here are some pics of my crazy MTC district with one of our teachers - Emily Larcher, another of all of us being professional outside the MTC entrance, and another of all of us at the temple. My district had 8 elders and we 3 sisters. 4 elders were going to the Rome mission and 4 were going to the Milan mission (I later served in the same zone as 2 of them in Torino).

I really enjoyed being able to go to the temple once a week. I never got to go on my mission since there wasn't one close enough, and it was nice to have that experience each week. Going to the temple that often definitely helped to keep my mind focused and my thoughts clean (not that I was perfect, but...pretty good).

We had a large Italian flag in our classroom, so my companions and I decided to dress as the Italian flag one day, sit right underneath it in our respective colors, and see how long it took before someone noticed. Our teacher noticed sometime in the late afternoon.

I was in the MTC at the same time as some guys I knew from working at JSMB (Joseph Smith Memorial Building). This is a picture of all of us and our companions. For some reason there was a rule that if you were in a picture with someone of the opposite sex, your companions had to be in the picture as well.

For some reason, we decided to make an enormous paper fortune teller game as a gift for our teacher Sorella Larcher (who, coincidentally, is from Brescia where I later served and met her entire family). The game was hilarious. It had funny fortunes like "someday in the near present or distant future you are going to die." Profound, huh.

One day I did not feel like getting ready. So instead of drying my hair, I threw it back in a hair clip and let it stay up all day. When I took it down at the end of the day, it was dry, curly, and beautiful. I had to take a picture just to savor the moment. I tried to imitate it for future days, but it never worked out. The hair wouldn't dry enough, so any curling effect would be flattened immediately.

On the door we have spaghetti. I can't remember why we made them, but mine is the enormous one on the left.

We actually got to leave the MTC for half a day. I had been having chronic tooth pain from an improperly filled cavity, so we got to go to the dentist. People seeing us asked if we were Provo missionaries. I guess they hadn't noticed the Italian print on our tags.

The best part about being at the MTC during June is that it's the same time that the mission presidents go in for training. That meant we got to be addressed by many general authorities and apostles. We got to sing "We Ever Pray for Thee our Prophet Dear" directly to the prophet himself! Now that was awesome! It's forever changed the way I think when I sing that song now.

They picked us entirely by our experience. They asked all of us in the choir to fill out a form listing our singing experience. Whoever had the most got to be part of the special choir that would sing for the mission presidents and the Quorum of the 12. Both my companion, Sister Gale, and I got to be a part of it.

At the MTC you have an MTC president and his wife, as well as a district presidency and their wives. These pictures are my companions and I with our MTC president and our MTC district president (and their wives).

Here are some random memories from my time at the MTC.

The first day we got there they gave us little orange dork dots to show we were new. I kept mine. It's in my journal.

One time we had a speaker who asked us what we’d sacrificed for the mission. One of the Elders said he'd sacrificed his family, and the speaker asked “what, are they dead?” After the speaker we watched "Legacy" and all of the Elders acted like 10 year olds during the kissing scenes.

I remember one day in particular that we sang “As Sisters in Zion.” The elders oohed and aahed in harmony to the 3 girls. It was funny.

I thought it was funny when Sorella Stahli called us “little walking faiths”

We met the real John Groberg. We asked him how his actual mission differed from the movie “The Other Side of Heaven.” He said he didn’t remember the natives wearing that much clothing!

We were addressed by Sheri Dew in Relief Society. It was great!

On the 4th of July at the MTC, we got to see the fireworks that they shoot up at the BYU football stadium and have a fireside with Hillary Weeks. That was really fun!

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