Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meeting Oscar and falling in love!

On the 2nd week of Fall semester of 2004, I went to church at the 7th ward. Oscar had just moved into the ward and, first priorities first, starting checking out the girls. He noticed me walk in and was trying to figure out a way to talk to me. This happened to be a Fast Sunday, and I went up to the pulpit and bore my testimony. This gave Oscar the perfect excuse to come up and meet me. So he came up to me, introduced himself, and asked me to show him around the ward and take him to Sunday school.

It didn't take long in Sunday school for me to realize that this guy was very interested in me, and I was definitely interested in him. I first noticed his cute face, but mostly, I noticed his muscular arms. I couldn't stop checking him out, and he couldn't stop checking me out. We later learned from my home teacher who was a personal trainer, nutritionist, and all around physical health expert; that, as far as genetics is concerned, Oscar has the ideal male body. It is, of course, subject to how you well you take care of yourself physically, but he told Oscar, "if you get into great shape to the point that you have a 6 pack, you'd make Stacy a very happy woman."

While we were in Sunday school, someone started passing around a sign-up sheet for Book of Mormon study groups. I wrote my name down, and after the meeting, Oscar told me "I took the liberty of memorizing your phone number and I'm going to call you tonight." My friends think that sounds like a stalker, but we were already hitting it off so well, that I turned to him and said "you should."

That night we went to Ward Prayer where the hostesses were serving Root Beer Floats. After the group prayer, I ran into the kitchen to get some root beer floats for him and for me. He didn't see where I'd gone, looked for me, but gave up and started talking to someone else. I found him and gave him his float, and it all got better from there. That night he walked me back to my house, we started talking while we sat outside on my friend Rebecca's futon, a few hours later we were kissing, and Oscar didn't go home until after 3:00am. Yes we hooked up quickly, but we did talk for a good 4 hours straight before he kissed me. A lot of people have to date for several months just to get to know each other as well as we did that night.
Since that day, September 4th is known as Root Beer float day among us. We celebrate it by drinking root beer floats and inviting all who know and love us to do the same.

and our relationship just blossomed from there.

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