Monday, January 25, 2010

New Companion Sorella Madsen

Sister Silva "died" with me (a term we used to mean she finished her mission) and another sister was transferred to Milan from where she'd been serving in Genova. She'd only had two more transfers than me and was just becoming a senior companion, but she was already an incredible missionary. She was Sorella Lia Madsen from Gilbert, Arizona. She had incredible courage and talked to everyone she saw, she was really good at tracting, didn't waste a minute, and we built off of each other really well when we gave discussions. She also made me a much better missionary. Though she was the senior companion, I felt like I was since I knew the people and the city and she didn't, so I usually initiated the conversations with people we knew and made most of the phone calls. I was definitely a lot better of a missionary when I felt in charge. I worked a lot harder when I chose to tract, and my attitude about it was a ton better since I didn't feel like I was being dragged along.

One preparation day, Sorella Madsen and I went to the roof of the dome. I didn't even know you could go up there. But she'd heard about it from another companion, so up we went. It's awesome up there! The view is stunning!

I like this cute pic of us!

It's fun to try and find all of the individual statues.

Unfortunately, I never got to see "The Last Supper." It was closed on the only day we would have been able to go. I didn't even know it was there until my last week. But we did go to the building it's held in and took a picture outside of it.

For our 100 day mark in the mission, we got to reunite with our MTC district in a major city. We were fortunate enough to go to Verona. Shakespeare wasn't kidding when he said "in fair Verona where we lay our scene." O Che Bella!

We had a testimony meeting first, and it was cool to see the growth in everyone. After wards we went to a really famous, yummy gelateria, which was right around the corner from the ancient enormous Verona Arena.

Our next stop took us to the house of Juliet Capulet (as in Romeo and Juliet) and we saw the famous balcony where she says "Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo?" It's gorgeous, but people are stupid and put up gum and post it notes with their declarations of love. I wish I could have seen old Italy before it got graffiti all over it.

While I was having fun in Verona, my companion was on exchanges with the Sisters of Milano 4 doing pumpkin carving. She cut off a big chunk of the tip of her finger and had to go to the hospital. But we figure it was destiny because the other sisters taught 3 discussions at the hospital and got a new contact who was very interested. Sorella Madsen's attitude was amazing! She didn't complain about it at all. In fact, we were actually on our way to our next appointment, when I asked her why she'd showed up late to the train station. She told me they were at the hospital, I asked why, and then she showed me her bandaged hand! I can't believe it wasn't even deterring her from our work. If I'd seriously injured myself and had to go to the hospital that day, the last thing I'd be thinking about was missionary work. I'd want to go home.

We often had a large family home evening lesson and activity for single people in the ward or investigators who wanted to come. This is one group we had coming consistently.

We had an investigator who was a hair stylist, but the day we went to teach her a discussion, her boyfriend would not stop interrupting us. He wasn't disputing anything we said. He just babbled on and on about irrelevant topics. So we decided that I would get my hair cut from her and then we'd finally be able to talk to her. We still weren't able to say much since she also kept babbling on with irrelevant topics, but at least I got a cute cut!
This is me after the hair cut with one of our good friends - Rosie. She was Italian, but had spent several years of her childhood in Australia. I loved listening to her speak English with a heavy Australian accent.

These are pictures of me saying goodbye to friends just before I left. This was Rosa. She had the tiniest little apartment ever. The bedroom was decent size, but the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom were some of the smallest I've ever seen. I really don't know how you could live there unless you're a size zero!

Here's me with the fun Villar family.

This is me with Francesco and his sister.

And this is me with one of the sweetest Relief Society sisters ever.

Sister Madsen did something really cool while I was her companion. Every day she'd write something positive about me in her journal, and then gave me the list when I was transferred. That was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. I wish I'd done the same for her.

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