Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oscar at CEU

Here are some pictures of my goofy husband, his brothers, and his Uncle Tim (who's actually my age).

Oscar's always been really into hiking, camping, and exploring.

Oscar returned from his mission about 4 months before I did, and started his sophomore year at the College of Eastern Utah. He had a 2 year full tuition scholarship there, and was honored as the Most Outstanding Organic Chemistry Student and Most Outstanding Inorganic Chemistry student of 2005. Due largely to his interest in chemistry, Oscar's always loved cooking. He's especially good with bread and he loves to make pizza.

Oscar ran for Mr. CEU and painted himself blue.

This was Oscar's Swimsuit competition.

This was Oscar's talent competition. He does an excellent Kermit impression.

Although Oscar didn't win, he did receive the award for Mr. Congeniality.

One day the school was going to throw away a whole bunch of racey novels. So some of the students, Oscar included, decided to put them all together to make an enormous set of racey novels dominoes.

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