Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random facts about 11th grade Stacy

This picture on the right was probably my best school picture all through High School. I actually look nice and I'm smiling.

I had a bit more fun in 11th grade than in 10th. I remember in Health class we had to write our own Eulogy. I wrote “Stacy lived to be 100 and died on March 5th, 2082 while drilling for oil in the Middle East.” We also had to make our own tombstone and I put “Now that she’s gone we get all her money!”

The Halloween dance that year was fun. I'm not sure what I went as. Some kind of devil Hula girl.

I got to sing in General Conference when I was 16. It was a Murray Girl’s group. They invited all the girls of Murray stakes to be a part of it. Unfortunately I was seated all the way at the top since I was one of a small group of girls singing a high C on one song, so the camera wasn’t on me much.

I found out in 11th grade History that they didn’t have turkey at the first Thanksgiving. They had eel pie. I don’t know if I’d be giving thanks for that!

In December of 1998 I was a Sub for Santa representative. My class raised the most money, so we got to turn our student officers into human Sundays, and we got to be on TV. Plus it was really fun to shop and deliver presents to a specific family. All the representatives went to Target after they close at 10:00pm, they gave us a budget and Christmas lists, and then let us shop for our families. They had 3 older boys and one young girl. It was so much fun shopping for her.

Choir tour in Atlanta was great. I miss the low gas and awesome freeways. We went over daylight savings and had to be up at 6:30 Atlanta time. That made it like 3:30am our time. Yeah, I got 3 hours of sleep. It was cool to randomly run into missionaries the next day.

Goofing off in the hotel room didn't help our sleep patterns :)

We went to Stone Mountain our first full day on tour. It's sort of like a smaller confederate Mount Rushmore.

We also rode bike boats, went to the CNN studio, went to the Coca-Cola factory (Beverly is awful, but the apple drink is good)

went to the Jimmy Carter and Martin Luther King Memorial, went to the Underground Mall, went to a Braves game, and finished off at 6 Flags. I hated that 6 flags was the final day since we had to leave early to catch our flight. I wanted more time.

We also visited Martin Luther King's Tomb and the chapel he used to preach at.

My friend Garrett and I went to the Morp dance that year. We rented out the play area of a kid's restaurant and I remember when Jasmine and I were having a blast in the ball pit. She turned to me and said "Stacy, we have no lives. We're 17 years old and we're playing in a ball pit!"

My friend Corey and I went to the "Manhunt" dance junior year. My favorite memory was of him talking about Charles Manson. I mistook what he was saying and asked "wait, Marilyn Manson is a serial killer?" And he laughed and said "yeah, they let him out of jail because he sang so pretty." LOL!

My friend Jeremy and I went to the Seminary Dance junior year. We tried to make it look like he was trying to seduce me, but it didn't work out so well.

In 1999 we did a pioneer trek for Youth Conference. We had a crazy hard women’s pull to show what it was like for the women to pull the carts alone when husbands died or went off to the Mormon Battalion. I took the position of a horse and pulled the cart from behind my back. We didn’t know we were allowed to stop, so we didn’t.

My last year at Girl’s Camp was a bit crazy. The theme was MASHH (Murray Angels Serving Heaven and Home) and our ward was AWOL (Angels with only love). In the middle of June, it became incredibly cold. The first day had been really fun with a great obstacle course, but it rained and was freezing all day the next day. I had barely slept from the cold, the rain had soaked through every pair of socks I’d brought with me, and I was miserable. I begged my leader to take me home with her since I was not having a good time at all. Though my leader refused at first, she changed her mind and brought all of us home when it started snowing. The stake leaders criticized her for her decision and said the girls needed this experience and would learn how to “rough it,” but Lisa said we were not prepared for it and that she was not going to make us suffer through it. Thank goodness! I got to sleep in my own warm bed that night. The next day, the rest of the girls woke up to 16 inches of snow, so the rest of the leaders finally gave in and took everyone home. The next day we were supposed to meet up at the stake center to finish up the activities they’d had planned. When they called our name for role call, I threw up my arms and yelled “AWOL.” Funny how our name was so appropriate. I then explained that during the rest of girls camp we “ate, ate, ate, and also did a little eating.”


  1. What a fun recap! I remember having lots of fun wit you at the 10th grade seminary dance and spring formal. Speaking of spring formal, did you know I work with Neil now?

  2. I didn't know you worked with Neil, but I knew you worked with Scott Cowley. He was in my district at the MTC.