Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stacy and Oscar in the double digits before High School

As you can see from this picture taken when I was 11, I looked several years older. I always looked older when I was younger, and now people think I look younger now that I'm older. I guess my body matured to about age 20 and stuck there.
Check out those hot legs at 11!

I was in gymnastics briefly when I was 10 years old.

It was never meant to be. I was already noticeably taller and fatter than the other girls my age, and no matter how much I stretched or worked I never seemed to improve enough. After a year I could do the splits on my right leg, I did a back walk over once and never did it completely successfully again, I could flip myself around the bars (but no impressive dismounts), and I never got even the slightest bit better at vault or beam. Seeing the smaller, younger, skinnier girls get much better much faster was prettier discouraging for me, and I lost the desire to continue.

My dad and I joined two leagues at our local bowling alley. In addition to the bowling we got from the leagues, they actually gave us 20 free games a week as an incentive to join multiple leagues. For that reason, I was a really good bowler at age 13. I had a 160 average and a 223 high game. Unfortunately, they took away the teenager leagues and said I'd have to sign away my right to play teenage sports if I wanted to join any adult bowling leagues. Though I never did play high school sports, I didn't want to sign away that right at age 13.

Since then, my bowling skills are still good, but I'm not nearly as consistent as I used to be. Every once in awhile I'll have an amazing game (I had a 224 about 2 years ago), and other times I'll bowl only about 100. In college I took a bowling class. They took your handicap based off of your first 3 games. My first 3 were awful since I hadn't bowled in a long time, but as I practiced my skills began to come back. Because I got so much better so quickly, the teacher actually accused me of intentionally bowling badly so that I'd have a great handicap.

These are the kids I knew from the ward. We're all waiting for the school bus.

Oscar participated, and won several awards in Science Olympiad from Elementary through High School. This is a picture of all the boys in Science Olympiad on their trip to the East coast.

This was one of my first years at girls camp.

Right after having this picture taken, I slipped and fell in all that muddy water.

We're all wearing bonnets in this shot since our camp theme was pioneers.

Though my family traveled a lot, we always seemed to go to the same places - southern Utah, Las Vegas and Northern California. This pic is the Jinks, the Walton, and the Luker families in Southern Utah (though this was just a stop before our trip to Vegas).

This is some extended family I have who live in Napa, CA - my birthplace. Clariss and Pat Drew with their daughter Tammy and son Tim.

This is me, Mike, my dad, and Mike's old girlfriend Kjirsten on one of our many trips to San Francisco.

This pic was taken on another San Francisco trip with my cousin, and future boss, Chaunte. If you look at the left, you can see my brother's eye is barely in the picture.

This shot is when we met up with my mom's friend Sue in Vegas with my cousin Justin.

These pics were from a northern California trip with our cousin Nikki.

I love this shot of Mike and I buried in the sand. What's funny is that I included it in a digital photo book I made my mom for Christmas, and I didn't even notice I was in the picture until I saw the physical book. It was such a small image on the computer that I didn't even recognize my own head.

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  1. Wow.....this is an OLD picture!! I love it though. What a bright colored shirt I am wearing! LOL