Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seattle, Street scene, and one crazy day in Padova

After getting back from Italy, I went up to Redmond, WA to stay with my sister. She'd just had a baby 11 weeks earlier and I was delighted to meet my niece Hana. I enjoyed my time in Washington a lot, and that month long visit was so enjoyable that I wanted to move up to the Seattle area as soon as possible.

When I got back into school I got the chance to be in Kurt Weill's "Street Scene," the University of Utah's 2005 opera. I played Charlie, a 10 year old boy.

That summer I went back to Italy, this time visiting Nova Feltria to participate in an opera program "La Musica Lirica." I also was able to return to Brescia and put on a recital for the ward members.
My best memory of this time, though, was my crazy adventures in Padova. Padova (Padua) was in the Milan mission, but I had never served there. Kathryn, director of La Musica Lirica, had told me to meet her and another participant, Sarah, in Padova at 7:00pm and that she would take us to Nova Feltria from there. I first went to Genova, Torino, and Como to visit my former companions and friends. After taking a train across the country to Padova, I waited for Kathryn, but neither she nor Sarah showed. I needed Kathryn's phone number in Italy, and I hadn't been able to check my email in several days, so I called the Padova missionaries to ask if they could take me somewhere that I could get on the internet. One of them knew me from the mission and actually took me to a church member's home with them since they had an appointment. She was very nice to me, but she couldn't get her internet working and sent me home with her visiting teacher telling me I must return for dinner that night. I went to the other lady's house, got online, found Kathryn's phone number, and also found out that the other girl, Sarah, would actually be arriving in 10 minutes. I had to get back to meet her at the train station, but it would have been impossible to get there that quickly by car since the streets were so narrow. Instead, their son offered me a ride on his motorcycle. I'd never been on one and I was scared out of my wits, but we made it back in time to get Sarah. I met her, we called Kathryn, but we got no answer still. We decided to split a cab together, and I called the nice lady back to tell her I wouldn't be able to come for dinner. She insisted, telling me I could bring Sarah along too, and we ended up having a nice dinner with the missionaries and an Italian family. And just when we went back to the train station to grab a cab, Kathryn finally arrived 3 hours after she'd originally told us she'd be there.

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