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Senior Year echoes "The Sound of Music"

My senior year was definitely my best year in High School. I did a lot of performing, took some interesting classes, and made a lot more friends.

This pic above was the full cast in my first theatrical performance "The Sound of Music." I played Mother Abbess. I'm difficult to find in the pic. Close to the center of the second from bottom row but slightly off to the right.

I got to sing a lot more than I expected as the mother abbess. From the movie I was expecting only “How do you solve a problem like Maria” and “Climb Ev’ry Mountain.” But I actually had a solo of Gregorian chant at the beginning of the show, then “Maria”, then “My Favorite Things (Who would have thought!)”, the Nun’s processional, “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”, more latin, processional, and a cantical, and then the “Climb Ev’ry Mountain reprise” with me as a solist and the rest of the nuns singing “Ah” until the final chorus.

At one of the dress rehearsals, I got incredibly sick. Though I hadn't missed or been late to a single rehearsal, I couldn't just go home and take care of myself. Our director, Ms Galloway, had been upset at all the principles for missing rehearsal so much, and she said the next person to miss a rehearsal would be replaced by their understudy. The rehearsal wasn't so bad, but sitting through 2 hours of notes after wards (few were for me) nearly killed me. Not only was I sick, but my skin allergy was reacting and my hands were breaking out (this happens when it's really cold and dry). I was in so much pain I actually went home crying. When my dad saw me he asked “are you sure you really want to do this?” I couldn’t believe it! Of course I did! Especially since there was less than a week until opening, and I'd just had one of the worst days of my life, why would I give it up now? I didn’t care how miserable I was as long as I got to perform.

Sound of Music was really good for me. I was so flattered because my family had overheard some of the audience talking about me saying “oh, she can’t be a high school student. She must be a professional they’ve brought in.” Later highlights include my nun’s habit knocking over a candlestick, the awesome review in the Greensheet newspaper, and the superintendent writing me a letter complimenting my performance. I was also nominated for best supporting actress in a high school performance.

While rehearsing for “Sound of Music,” I also helped co direct my ward's performance of “My Turn on Earth.”

We got to sing for the Quorum of the 12 and the general authorities while I was in Madrigals. We actually had an all LDS choir that year. Mr. Scott took us to the church office building and we sang on the stairs outside the elevator while the general authorities came down after their meeting.

That September I was a bridesmaid at my sister's wedding.

Here I am walking down the aisle with Ming, Chang's little brother.

She asked me to sing "Climb Ev'ry Mountain, and an ensemble piece with her other bridesmaids.

They bawled at the end of it right before my song, so of course it got me going and then I couldn't control my bawling on my song. Soooooo embarrassing!

My sister chimed in at the end of the song to help me out. Luckily people came up to me and said it was really touching to see me so emotionally moved for my sister. That gave me some comfort (though I was still mortified!).

I cut my hair for Locks of Love, which was a good experience overall. She gave me a cute cut and I got to donate to a good cause.

I was also in High School Journalism for my first semester. I wrote the Top Tens for a few months. It might only be funny to those who had these teachers, but my best was "Top 10 Teachers Oddest Quirks." I'll explain them in more detail for those who don't understand what they mean.

#10 English/History teacher Mr Wood could totally growl like a bear. It was freaky. After I wrote the article, Mr Drake (#3) asked Mr Wood to growl for him
#9 Ms Lloyd, our dance teacher, often came up with some pretty crazy ideas and say "I just got a vizzj" (that zzj should be pronounced like the "je" sound in French). I didn't know how to write that in a way that was understandable, so I just said "visions."
#8 Ms England was an entomologist who definitely enjoyed her work. She talked about bugs all the time.
#7 Ms. Galloway, our drama teacher, would randomly break out into song while teaching/directing. I guess it stemmed from her own musical theater days. She also talked with her hands a lot, which resulted in her coloring all over her shirt when she talked with a marker in her hand.
#6 Mr Barney, my math teacher, was generally a mild mannered guy. But after one test where nearly the entire class had made the same mistakes, he was mad! He stood up on a chair and made everyone repeat after him the mathematical formulas we'd messed up on. His manner during it, especially the loud voice and sweeping arms, reminded me of a Baptist preacher getting everyone to repeat what he says (interestingly, I actually didn't make those mistakes he was upset about. I scored a 98% on that test!).
#5 Ms Lebaron, our eccentric History teacher, was a lot of fun and taught in an unorthodox manner. I don't remember all her crazy antics, but I remember her coming to class in a cow suit, doing an impersonation of Hitler, singing "Happy Birthday" in a Pavarotti voice, and learning about Michaelangelo by making us draw on the underside of our desks.
#4 My 11th grade English teacher, Ms Beck, drank coffee constantly. Her classroom reeked of it. And her accent often made her pronounce tomorrow as "tomerrow."
#3 I'd heard a rumor that my 12th grade teacher, Mr Drake, smoked a cigar once a year to make sure he was still sinful enough to not get translated.
#2 Mr Scott, our choir teacher, was very, very tall, and very, very skinny.
#1 Mr MacDonald, my Chemistry teacher, was a bit odd in his very "English" way.

My car was also featured in the Newspaper as "Clunk of the Month."

For choir tour during Senior year, we got to go to San Francisco. It wouldn't have been my first choice since I'd been there repeatedly already, but it was still lots of fun.

My Uncle Mitch was living there at the time and my friend Megan and I got to meet up with him. I remember we went to a nice little Italian restaurant in Sunnyvale with a cool atmosphere.

We also got to go to Great America and go on tons of rides super fast. My friend Amber has braces on her legs and spends half her time in a wheelchair. She can still walk without it, but it's very tiring for her. She rented a wheelchair at the park and we got to go to the front of nearly every line. It was fun, and not just for the quick rides. Amber's also a really fun person.

We had further adventures in SF trying to take Amber down an incredibly steep hill (one of us in front of the wheelchair and 2 pulling from behind) and going on a boat ride on the SF bay. Amber didn't have her wheelchair on the boat, and people were crowding in front of her as we passed Alcatraz, which made me really, REALLY angry that they'd pummel through a handicapped person just to get a good picture. So I grabbed her arm and pushed people out of the way so she could at least get enough of a view to take a picture of Alcatraz.

For Spring Formal my senior year, I asked out Brenton (B) McDonough. I was not used to guys opening doors for me, and it bugged him that I kept opening my own door. To make sure it didn't happen again, he actually jumped out of the car as I pulled into the parking place and had my door open before I'd turned off the car. Earlier that day, we also played ultimate frisbee, had dinner at Leslie’s house, and went hot tubbing at Jenny’s in the evening. I love being in an outdoor hot tub at night.

Here's a picture of me when I graduated. And one with my mom and sister.

I lettered in Seminary when I graduated. They give you this patch to stick on your letterman jacket, but since I didn't have one, I just stuck it in my journal.

My sister was living in Hawaii at the time I graduated, and she paid for me to come over and stay with her for 3 weeks during June. It was so fun. We ate delicious Guava ice cream, went to the Beach, a water park, the Polynesian Cultural Center, the taste of Honolulu festival, sailing on a catamaran (if you ever get to do this, make sure they let you sit on the front and go up and down with the boat), went shopping, hiked Diamond Head, and had a blast with her friends at a Murder Mystery Dinner. I remember being surprised that everything in Hawaii is served with rice, even hamburgers. Here was the certification we got for completing the hike.

We got these wraps, head pieces, shell necklaces and temporary tattoos from the Polynesian Cultural Center, so we took some pictures of us "Gone Hawaiian."

And just for kicks, here's a creepy sticker we had made at a photo booth.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your memories. I loved hearing about the Sound Of Music experiences, you really are a great singer.