Friday, January 29, 2010

Venice - a breathtaking, out of this world wonder!

After our glorious days in Genova, we took a 6 hour train across the country to Venice (imagine my jealousy when I was a brand new greenie and found out my MTC companion was going to Venice while I had to stay in Milan).

Venice is just amazing! It's a city on water and most of the roads are filled with water.

Venice has water buses and water taxis and gondolas. We took a long tour on the back of the water bus and I was giddy as a school girl I love everything about water.

We stayed at a cute little hotel in Venice. Here's a picture of mom and I at the hotel fountain, though you don't actually see much of the fountain itself.

We got off a little outside of Venice and saw the beach of the Adriatic Sea and bought all kinds of souvineers. Then on the way back we took the wrong boat (my fault) and went way outside of Venice, but it was a good thing because the water bus we had to take to get back took us to San Marcos. So we stayed there for dinner and went through those beautiful streets to see the town square. Che Bella! It was incredible. I wanted to stay there.

The next day we took a gondola and our really cute Gondolier was totally hitting on me in front of mom. He was speaking in Italian but mom got the jist of it and encouraged him! I think she meant it as a joke and luckily he didn't really understand her. As we were going down he kept patting me on the head or rubbing my shoulder and I kept thinking it was mom since she was sitting right next to me. Then I'd turn to find out it wasn't. So he totally full on said to me in Italian "It's romantic to take a Gondola at night. You should try it." And I told him "I'm here with my mom. What are you talking about romantic" and he said "leave your mom in the hotel and come find a gondolier who will take you around for an unforgettable night." Mom understood enough of it and said "yeah, Stace. We'll stay in the hotel and you can come out in the Gondola."

That evening I spent an unforgettable night on a gondola with a cute gondolier. Kidding! Needless to say I turned him down.

After our gondola ride, we went back out to explore the city some more and then went to a beautiful church to see opera scenes done in 17th century costumes with classic Venetian masks. I was happy as a clam!

We did a lot of souvineer shopping on Ponte Rialto, the most famous bridge in Venice. The Rialto Bridge is one of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, and is the oldest bridge across the canal. There are lots of shops set up along it and mom and Kathy could have stayed there forever.

And here's picture of our last day in Venice taking off to go to fair Verona.

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