Friday, February 26, 2010


2007 was lots of fun for us. We went on several trips before I started graduate school
First we went to Emily's wedding in Utah. Here's me in front of the Logan temple.

This is a picture of Oscar's family having a get together over excellent food.
And here are all of Emily's bridesmaids We also moved to a new apartment in Bothell, Washington where we lived for a year. When my sister got cats, they were given some large toys that belonged to the former owners. My sister didn't really like them much, so she gave them to me and my cats are crazy about them.

Oscar created a recipe for yummy, healthy bran muffins.

And Oscar bought me a piano. He tried painting it and sanding it himself, but eventually he realized the tuning alone would cost too much to fix, so he bought me a digital piano instead.

We also taught the Sunbeams for a year while we were in the Bothell 3rd ward. Here's a picture of all of them at Christmas

And, of course, our kittens grew into cats. Here's a cute picture of Leela curled up in Oscar's clothes. Though I'm the cat lover and I picked her, she adores everything about Oscar.

Leela found this basket that was way too small for her, and would squish herself into it. It was at the highest point in the house, which she'd climb/jump up to and stay there all day.

Fry had a thing for this Christmas present. He always wanted to sit on it. I don't even remember what it was, but Fry sure misses it.

Even as adults they love the laundry baskets.

They always loved this old chair of Oscar's, even after we bought a newer, softer chair.

Leela loves to sit on Oscar's lap. She stopped sitting on both of ours for a long time, but has recently begun being a lap cat. She rarely sits on me, but she loves to sit on Oscar.

Oscar dressed up as his boss for Halloween that year.

And Fry enjoyed sitting on our pumpkin during the Fall.

Both of us enjoy napping with Leela. She'll curl up under your arm and paw and purr. It's very sweet.

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