Friday, February 26, 2010

Amy, meet Seattle and Vancouver - Seattle and Vancouver, meet Amy

That August my friend Amy came up to visit. Hoorah! It was tons of fun. I love taking people who've never been to Seattle up to the Space Needle restaurant for lunch. The view is fantastic, and considering that the trip up is $17, it's not too bad to pay $27 for your lunch and have the trip up included.

We also took a short trip up to Vancouver and got to do a lot of things that Oscar and I had missed out on. Plus the parks are just so much prettier in the summer. It was definitely worth a second trip.

We started off biking around Stanley park.  It was all open this time so we got to loop around the entire thing.  We stopped off to swing at a little park with an excellent view of the bay.

We walked around a lot and wandered into a beautiful Chinese garden.

We also loved making fun of the Canadian pedestrian lights. The man looks like he's taking enormous strides and swinging his arms as wide as possible.

We went to eat at a restaurant in the park that had an excellent view of the city and beautiful gardens. It also had a really cool fountain in the parking lot.

And we finished our trip with a trip to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Oscar and I had wanted to visit it while we were there, but a tree had fallen on it recently and it took them several weeks to clear it up. Luckily the bridge didn't collapse, and now they still have the tree and let people see just how big it was.

As part of the admission, we learned about the native Indian tribes of the area and how the bridge came to be built.

The bridge was scary, but really fun.

I really don't remember why I kissed the tree, but here it is.

We also finished off Amy's final days with a trip to Pike's Place Market, Vancouver Aquarium, and an Argosy Cruise of the Puget Sound. Here we are petting the sea creatures.

Pretending to be octopuses

and on the boat.

Oscar was able to come with us on the boat and to the aquarium since it was his day off.

This was the view of Seattle from the boat.

and one last shot of Amy and me on the boat together. Good times!

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