Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beautiful British Columbia

Oscar loves sunlight. He'd love to go to Fairbanks, Alaska in the summer just to see the point where the sun only sets for 4 hours during the summer. He wanted to drive all the way up there, but I refused to take a road trip that was THAT long. I eventually agreed to Prince George, British Columbia's northernmost large city, just so Oscar could see what it was like to be in an area where the sun didn't set until after 10:30pm.

When we first got into Canada, we saw a turn off for Bridal Falls. Fortunately we were able to get one nice picture before I accidentally dropped and broke the camera. We have no pictures of our drive up since it was a long time before we found a place that could sell us a nice digital camera.

I wasn't blown away by the city, though the views from Fort George park were quite pretty. Little did we know we were actually there on Canada day. There was a festival in the park to celebrate the day. There were also supposed to be fireworks, but no one was sure if they would happen or not. We drove to the spot they were supposed to come from, and figured they must be coming or there wouldn't be so many other people there. But they never came. ???

We did, however, still have a very enjoyable, beautiful trip. We went to the Prince George tourist information center and learned about some beautiful stuff a couple of hours east of Prince George. First we visited the Ancient Forest. It was supposed to be logged by the local logging companies, but some graduate students did some research there and found lots of ancient trees. It's now a protected area. It was awesome to hike, but it was swarming with mosquitoes. This first picture shows the trail that was originally paved by loggers on the way to cut down all the trees.

There were HUGE trees

This is Treebeard, named after the walking, talking trees from Lord of the Rings. If a tree's main trunk gets damaged, some of the branches will start growing up instead of out. They look like arms. There's one very prominent one in this picture.

And there was even a little waterfall in the area.

We did do one really fun thing in Prince George. We played Frisbee golf. Oscar's really into it, and I'd never done it before. He destroyed me, but it was definitely worth playing. We forgot to print of a scorecard, so he had me record his scores by taking pictures.

We also ate at Boston Pizza, a Canadian chain we really liked. We laughed the other day when we both said we should go to "Canada" so we can get "Boston" pizza.

And we even randomly saw a moose as we were driving into a woodsy area in Prince George

But the part that made the long trip worth it was definitely the drive back. Thanks to the guy at the tourist information center, we learned about a route that would take us to see beautiful Mount Robson, Wells Grey park and it's beautiful waterfalls, and gorgeous lake scenery as we traveled home. This is Mount Robson. Oscar and I collect playing cards with different images on each card, and while we were visiting here we picked up 8 different packs of playing cards in the Mount Robson visitor's center.

This is the first of many gorgeous waterfalls in Well's Grey park. We only had time to drive to 3 (most of them require a hike, some of which are up to 13 miles), but all 3 we saw were absolutely incredible.

This one was called mini-Niagara because of the way it flows.

This last one, Helmken, is the most famous of all the falls in Wells Grey park.

They also had an observatory point within the park where you could see incredible views all around.

This was some of the beautiful scenery we saw along our drive back.

These were some beautiful lakes we passed by as we traveled back west.

And as a final treat, we headed even more west so we could see Mt. Currie. Fortunately we got there with just enough time to see it before sunset.


  1. They were incredibly beautiful. But the coolest part was not knowing they were there, randomly taking a vacation to almost the middle of nowhere, and happening to find out we were near these gorgeous falls!

  2. And we've now learned that the final mountain is actually called Mount Rohr - not Mount Currie.