Monday, February 1, 2010

Between the engagement and the wedding

If you've ever seen Kronk's New Groove, one of the best gags from the movie is the running gag "Tipo's itching powder. Property of Tipo. This itching powder belongs to Tipo." Oscar wanted to make a sweatshirt for me for Christmas that said "Oscar's woman. Property of Oscar. This woman belongs to Oscar." But he realized he didn't have room for all that. Here was the result.

We spent a lot of time at our parent's house's during Winter break. Here are a bunch of pictures we took in his parents backyard and in the communal area at 3 FTNS where my parents live.
This is playing London Bridges Falling down with Oscar and his dad

This is us at the Hunt's "altar."

And us with Augee

us on the couch

Here's a picture of Oscar being goofy with his dad and comparing their bald heads. They say baldness comes from the mother's father, but clearly Oscar has his dad's exact hair characteristics.

This is Oscar's most frightening face. He does it on Halloween to scare children.

Oscar's mom gave us a fake rose so we could do a Snow White scene.

Here's one of me with my sister's in law. I was excited to be getting 3 new sisters (no offense, Lia and Shannon).

These are from the green area just outside the 3 FTNS pool.

And here's a picture of the roses Oscar got me on Valentine's Day. I told him he never has to buy me Valentine's roses again. We got married on February 17th, so I tell him that, instead of Valentine's day, he can buy me discount roses for our Anniversary (it also helped reduce floral prices for our wedding day to buy our roses a couple of days after Valentine's Day).

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