Friday, February 26, 2010

Fry and Leela - the kitten months

Though they told us at the pound that Fry had not been a stray, he had one habit that would make you think so. He likes any water except what's in his water dish. He'll drink out of the toilet, the sink (that's his favorite), or directly from a glass.

Leela, on the other hand, had been a stray, but you wouldn't know it from when we took her outside on the porch. As soon as she walked out she immediately started climbing the screen to get back in.

Here they are curled up in their first kitten bed. We still have it, and occasionally they'll still squish themselves into it.

They loved being in front of the fire.

We laughed our heads off watching them play in the laundry baskets.

Oscar tried to make their carrier more comfortable so they wouldn't dread being taken anywhere in it. It didn't work. They loved sleeping in it, but they still hated going anywhere in it.

We soon learned that Leela was a lover of heights. To this day she'll go to the highest point in the house and sometimes stay there all day.

Though Fry cuddled and purred in bed all night the first day we took him home, and Leela cowered in a corner for the first few days, they soon switched it up on us. Fry to this day does not go near the bed, and is the less affectionate of the two. Leela, though shy with strangers, is extremely sweet, and loves being near us, especially on the bed.

One day I stuffed Leela into the shoe container just to see what she would do. She didn't like it. She eventually got out on her own.

We had this basket as part of a wedding gift, and they loved playing in it.

Here's Leela with her favorite toy - catnip mouse on a string.

Here's Oscar measuring Leela's size with his foot.

Here are our kittens after their first baths. Oscar would put them in the carrier so they couldn't struggle in his arms. He made the mistake of putting them together once, and Fry nearly drowned Leela trying to struggle out of the water.

Here they are at teenage size at Christmas

And here's Leela in her new favorite spot - the litter box. She'd lie down in it and make herself comfortable. Fortunately we were able to break her of that nasty habit!

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