Friday, February 26, 2010

Fry and Leela - our kittens!

I would like to begin this post by saying that I named my kitten, Leela, after the beautiful heroine from the majestic opera - "The Pearl Fishers" by Georges Bizet

But I won't say that, because that would be lying! :)

Fry and Leela were actually named for the above pictured characters from Matt Groening's "Futurama." But I should go back to the beginning of the story of how we finally ended up getting our first pets.

We moved up to Washington, and Oscar began to realize just what an enormous hassle it would be to have a dog in an apartment. A dog is already a lot of maintenance since they have so much energy and are so dependent on you, and not having a yard is going to make it twice as difficult. But being the sweet guy that he is, he still really wanted a pet, and he began to think twice about getting cats. The only cat he'd ever had as a child was old, boring, and sick, and they only kept her for a short time before they had to put her down. Oscar's mom is also allergic to cats so they weren't able to have anymore ever again. So from this impression alone, Oscar wasn't intrigued by the idea of having cats.

But that all changed one day when we were going out to dinner. We had about a 45 minute wait for dinner, so we wandered into a nearby pet store to pass the time. While there we cuddled and played with 2 adorable gray kittens. The one Oscar was holding was particularly playful, and he had a great time teasing it with string.

Later that week both of us were talking about how cute they were, and Oscar said what I'd been waiting to hear "should we make it happen and get those kittens?"
However, it was not meant to be. Those particular kittens had been adopted already. So instead, we went to the Bellevue humane society and picked out the two kittens we thought were the most adorable. I think we did a good job.

Oscar picked out Fry, the black cat with a white belly. That particular type of cat is often referred to as a Tuxedo.

I picked Leela because I think gray tabby cats are gorgeous, and I thought she was the most beautiful cat I'd ever seen.

At the animal shelter, they gave all the cats names so that they'd have more of an identity than just cat #3658. The names they gave our kittens were Fergie and Lola and we didn't like either name. Oscar suggested that Leela was better than Lola, and I said if we had Leela, we had to have Fry, her counterpart.


  1. Okay, as a dog person, I do have to say that your cats are pretty cute. And nice. They didn't bite me once. :)

  2. You haven't met Nibbler, yet. You'd love him. He totally acts like a dog. He's extremely playful. I've even taught him to play fetch. And to top that off, he has the best cat qualities ever. He's super sweet, purrs like a Harley Davidson, and he lets Hana pick him up around the neck without retaliating.