Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting Engaged!

This is not actually how Oscar proposed, but it looks that way.

Oscar and I actually went to pick out this ring before we got engaged. We'd been talking about getting married since our 2nd day together, and I insisted that I pick out the ring. What if I hated the one he picked?! We went to Rocky Mountain Jewelers and got a gorgeous ring at a wholesale price. I loved it, I still love it, and due to its unique shape, we didn't need to get a separate wedding ring. If we did, we would have had to have it welded on, and it already looked so good that I didn't want to do that.

Oscar proposed to me at The Olive Garden. This was because we had no car and it was just across the street from the jewelers. He'd told me that the ring wasn't ready, but that he wanted to have dinner with me anyway. It turned out Oscar did have a ring and a plan, but it didn't go according to plan. He had a special table reserved for us, but the hostess who saw us right when we walked in just took us right to a different table. Oscar didn't want to tell her he'd reserved a separate table or it would have given the plan away. But it turned out for the best because our server ended up being my brother's friend Patrick.
I nearly ruined the plan when I went to the bathroom, because it turned out that Oscar had invited our parents to be there for the proposal,and my mom was in the bathroom with me. Luckily, I somehow never saw her, and since Patrick knew who she was, he pulled her away from the bathroom as soon as she came out so that we wouldn't accidentally bump into each other.
After I went back to the table I sat down, cuddled up next to Oscar and said "you know what I really want - to be engaged to you right now." He thought for sure I must have seen our parents and that the game was up. But I hadn't. Next thing I know our parents walk in, Oscar gets down on one knee and says "Stacy, will you marry me and be my queen forever?" and I said "yes, yes, yes, yes!"

Our families joined us for dessert and my dad picked up the tab, giving Patrick a 30% tip. My mom, however, had thought they'd be dining for dinner and had brought a buy one get one free entree coupon with her. As long as she'd brought it, she put it with the check since Oscar and I had had entrees. Patrick told my brother about the coupon, and later that week Mike said to me "I can't believe that Oscar is so cheap he brought a coupon to his engagement dinner!"

Here's a picture of me just after Oscar proposed.

And this is a picture of me continuously admiring the wrong long after he'd proposed.

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