Saturday, February 6, 2010

Honeymoon at the Happiest Place on Earth

Oscar and I stayed our first night at the Inn at Temple Square. It no longer exists, but at the time it was a nice 4 star hotel. I got a $49 room since I worked for the JSMB. We then took off for Disneyland, and made the mistake of staying at a two star hotel. Now I've stayed at many 2 star hotels that were just fine, but having just stayed in a 4 star, this place paled in comparison. First of all, they had to send us to a sister hotel since half the hotel had been flooded. They paid for the cab, but by the time we got checked in to the other hotel, there really wasn't much time left to spend at Disneyland that day, especially since this new hotel was further away and we had no car. So we waited until the next day when they brought us over to the original, closer hotel.

According to the advertisement, this hotel was just across the street from Disneyland. This was true, however, it was not just across the street from the only entrance. We still had a long way to walk just to get to the entrance, so we weren't able to come and go as we pleased the way we'd planned. And, we could hear kids staying in the room next to us, who were incredibly loud at 5:00am - 3 hours before the park even opens. My advice, then, don't skimp on your honeymoon hotel!

The park was really crowded on all but our final day because we were there over president's day weekend. This was both of our first times at California Adventure, and I'd heard only bad things about it. I'd heard it was a lot less popular than Disneyland and that it was Disney's big blunder. It was definitely less crowded, which is why we went there first, but it was awesome! Both Oscar and I actually preferred it to Disneyland. It doesn't have Disneyland's magic that makes you feel like a kid again, but it has some great thrill rides. Soarin' Over California is super fun, the Tower of Terror is terrifying in a good way, there's a really fun water ride at Grizzly River Rapids, there's an awesome, incredibly smooth white roller coaster that actually starts up by shooting you up the hill at top speeds, and more. We did go into Disneyland, but we spent most of our time at California Adventure.

Later in the day we head into Disneyland. Our first stop was Tomorrowland for Space Mountain and the Buzz Lightyear ride. Buzz Lightyear is like an enormous arcade game where you shoot at the targets and get your score at the end. We liked it a lot.

My favorite ride at Disneyland is the Haunted Mansion, which was, unfortunately, closed. It was closed again when we went to Disneyland with our friends 2 years later, but I finally got to go on it at Disney World this past August with Amy and Rachael. At least Indiana Jones was open. That's the coolest ride at Disneyland that is not in Disney World. The Dinosaur ride is a similar concept, but it's not as fun nor as scary.
As you can see, the line was incredibly long and we were too late for fastpass.

We had to entertain ourselves, and kept being goofy. Here's me trying to act like a zombie.

These pictures of us with red eye look especially creepy.

Here's me on the boats and by the boats.

And here's us at Rainforest Cafe. It was actually freezing cold and we hadn't brought much in the way of warm clothing. We were desperate for sweatshirts, but they're way too expensive anywhere in Disney. Fortunately we were able to find some nice, well priced ones at Rainforest Cafe. That made up for the overpriced food we ate.

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