Monday, February 1, 2010

Wedding day at the Temple!

Ah February 17th, 2006! What a great day! We were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple for time and all eternity. It was a beautiful day (cold but beautiful) and I couldn't have asked for a better wedding. I had both my luncheon and reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and everything was just fantastic.
Here's a picture of us coming down the temple steps.

This was our whole party who either came to the Temple ceremony or who were waiting outside to congratulate us.

Our videographer was really into showing people cheering while others kiss.

Here are a couple of us with our parents and with the Jinks and Hunt families.

Here are a few pictures of Oscar and me just outside the temple.

It was a beautiful day, but the high was 27 degrees, so we were freezing. Oscar often had to put on his beanie, and my mother in law was kind enough to sew me this wrap.

I was still cold since I was wearing open toed shoes. Luckily Debbie knew of this heating vent, plus it made for an awesome picture.

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