Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wedding Reception!

Debbie didn't stick around to take pictures of our reception, but Murry, our videographer, did stills from his video camera. My favorite was the top picture. Murry's and my dad's was this one.

This is Oscar kissing me.

This is my dad kissing me.

Here are a couple of just me in the window.

This is Hana in the window.

I love this one of my bridesmaids in the window.

Here's one of me by the glass doors.

This was our reception line. It was just supposed to be us and our parents, but our bridesmaids and groomsmen got in it briefly.

This was the reception food. One again, I knew what I wanted. Raspberry lemonade, fancy cheese tray and crackers, chicken kabobs, and delicious key lime pie tarts. This was a special request I made. I'd seen fruit tarts in those small crusts, and I'd seen pumpkin pie in them once for an October function, so I asked if they could do the key lime pie. They did it just for me. And they didn't put any whipped cream on. In the regular key lime pie slice, they put tons of whipped cream on top. I don't dislike whipped cream, but the key lime filling is so much better that I'd always take off most of the whipped cream. These little pie tarts were perfect, we had tons extra to take home, and we were freezing them and eating them for months.

This was my wedding cake. The top layers were poppy seed and the bottom was chocolate. The decorative pattern on it was identical to my wedding dress. We didn't bother waiting a year to eat the top. We didn't think it'd be good by then, and we'd just as soon buy another cake on our 1st anniversary. Instead, we ate it with our families when we opened presents after the honeymoon.

Here are a few cute shots of Oscar's family.

And here are a few of me with my family.

Here's one of me with my friends Pam and Lubi

This is my favorite picture from the reception. I love this shot of me, Amy, and Rachael.


  1. Aw! I love the one of us in the window! I haven't seen that one in awhile. :)

  2. Very beautiful cousin! That's a ton of work..good for you!