Monday, February 1, 2010

Wedding Shower

I actually had 2 wedding showers on the same day. It was the only day that worked for both my mom and Oscar's grandma, so I had an afternoon and an evening shower. Mom and Kathy had the 3 FTNS clubhouse set up really beautifully, as they always do whenever we have an event there.

This is me with my friends Rebecca, Rachael, and my new sister's in law. I think it's funny that I'm the only one looking at the correct camera.

This is me with Rachael Bennett, my acting maid of honor. So that all of my bridesmaids could be "of honor" I decided that my sister would be my matron of honor, Amy would be my maid of honor, and since neither of them could be there until 2 days before the wedding, Rachael was my acting maid of honor.

This is Rachael giving me the first gift. I will subsequently become dressed up in the bows and ribbons until Oscar comes to kiss them out.

In this one I'm trying to give Oscar directions while I open gifts
And I get more and more decked out.

Here's me trying on the lingerie my mom bought me.

Oscar arrived.

And he decided to try on the lingerie.

Here's Oscar preparing to kiss the bows out.

And he finished off the last two gifts with big kisses, including a dip.

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