Monday, March 22, 2010

3rd port of call - Kona, Hawaii

Since Oscar and I had already been to Kona on our previous vacation, we decided to rent a car and drive up north back to our favorite spot - the pololu valley. Here's the barren ash you see as you drive around most of this enormous island.

Here I am by the windmills in Hawi.

Oscar had to pull over to take this shot.

Big Kamehameha statue on the northern side.

And here we are back in pololu.

We decided to hike into the inner pololu valley a bit more.

Oscar and I both really love the black sand beach. Even the inner valley is made up of black sand instead of soil.

Someone made a yin yang in the sand.

Here's a nice shot of me with a big fern near the beach.

And here are some more shots of this gorgeous valley. I actually think it was prettier this time when it was overcast than it was last time while it was sunny.

And, of course, we had to go back to eat at our favorite place in Hawi - The Bamboo Restaurant. Yummy kalua pork and yummy guava, passion fruit, and mango slushes and smoothies.

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