Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Final port of call - Oahu

Our cruise ended in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. We got to see a lovely sunrise as the ship reached its dock.

Our first stop was to my mom's friend, CJ's, house. Our rental car service didn't offer transportation to the pick up area since it was Sunday, so fortunately, she gave us a ride. She lives right in the heart of downtown Honolulu (the same building where my sister lived when I visited her in 2000), and she has a great view from her apartment.

We also stopped at Iolani palace on our way to her house.

Oscar and I decided to do the 5 mile AIEA loop trail. It offered beautiful views along the way, but the hike was a bit slippery.

After our exhausting hike we went up to the Dole pineapple factory. We did the hedge maze, toured the gardens, and ate the famous Dole whip.

We couldn't believe how monstrously big this breadfruit was.

Next we went up to Waimea on North Shore. We stopped at the national park.

And then we finished up our day at Waimea Beach. The waves were great!

Oscar caught this picture of me about to be pummeled by this wave.

And I was! That wave was not fun. I thought I'd drown for a few seconds.

Fortunately we finished our swim just before a beautiful sunset.

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