Sunday, March 21, 2010

First port of call - Hilo, Hawaii

Oscar and I had already been to Hilo on our Hawaii trip two years earlier, so we'd already done the main touristy stuff like Volcanoes National Park, Rainbow Falls, Boiling pots, etc. Because of this we decided not to rent a car for our 8 hour stay. Fortunately, my dad's cousin, Harold, is currently living over on the big island, and he came to visit us and give us a little tour. It was great to see him and we really did enjoy our time with him. Before meeting Harold, we first stopped off at this nearby park.

The one thing I'd really wanted to see on our previous trip that I hadn't been able to see was the Waipio Valley lookout. Thanks to Harold and his car, we were finally able to see this beautiful valley.

Harold also took us down to a botanical gardens area in Puna.

Oscar wanted to go back to the lava tube caves we'd been to on our previous trip.

This shows you how low some of the ceilings were in that cave.

Harold took us to the Tsunami memorial monument and we watched some fantastic, beautful waves.

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