Friday, March 19, 2010

Hawaii cruise!!!

In September 2009, Oscar and I got to go on our first cruise. It was awesome! It was a 12 night trip leaving from Vancouver BC Canada, crossing the pacific, and touring the 4 large Hawaiian islands. We loved it and are eager to cruise again. It was expensive, but totally worth the price since you get transportation, hotel, food, and activities all in one.

Here's our ship, the Carnival Spirit, in the Vancouver harbor.

This was the huge stage they had on board. It was enormous!

You could put on a whole opera there. The first night there we played a trivia game on that stage, and I won a Carnival ship on a stick!

Later on we'd play more games, see lots of shows, and I even got hypnotized!

The food on the cruise was great. Oscar and I definitely preferred the dining room to the buffet. Even though it was often the same food, it tasted better since it wasn't sitting under a hot lamp, and they bring you your courses over a long amount of time so we found we ate a lot less. We were able to dine happily without stuffing ourselves to illness. Oscar LOVED this meal below. I didn't think there was anything special about it, but he actually ordered a second helping of it for dessert!

Here's Oscar with our water Randy.

One of our favorite parts about cruising was watching the sunset over the sea.

I loved the way they decorated the fruit here. Unfortunately, none of it was very tasty. I would have expected them to purchase fresh, tropical fruits once we reached Hawaii, but they didn't.

There was even a water slide on board. It was fun, but I prefer to come out into a full pool rather than just the flat end of the slide. Otherwise water just goes up my nose.

This is what the deck looked like. I was a bit disappointed by how small the pools were.

We thought it was bizarre that there was actually mini-golf on a moving vessel! The ball did roll a bit more than usual, but it was still fun.

One of the first things Oscar and I noticed when we got on board was that we were surrounded by old people. Not that we have anything against that, but we thought it'd be fun to find some other young couples. Fortunately at dinner we sat across from one young couple, Nick and Liz Maliwaki, so we went up and introduced ourselves. It turned out they live in Redmond, WA, not too far from us. We did meet a few other young couples, but they were from Alaska, Florida, Oklahoma, Vancouver, and other far off places. We liked Nick and Liz and are glad we found them. We had a lot of fun and even toured Maui together. Here's a picture of us playing Taboo with them.

Oscar snapped this shot of Liz trying to keep warm in her purse.

Every night the maids would turn down your bed and have a cute little towel animal waiting for you. Here's a walrus.

Here's a scary sea serpent.

Here's a scary scorpion.

Here's a pig.

My favorite was coming home to this monkey hanging up in our room.

Liz absolutely LOVED the eskimo.

Here's a duck.

And here's a crab.

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