Monday, March 1, 2010

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios was probably my least favorite park since I'm not crazy about behind the scenes stuff, but that's not saying much since it was still awesome. They show Fantasmic in a huge amphitheater, and they have the awesome rides of Toy Story, Rockin' Roller Coaster, and Tower of Tower.
Here we are on the wicked tower of terror - Amy's favorite ride.

R2D2 in Star Tours

Amy and I about to be crushed by an enormous droid machine.

We didn't do much studio touring, but we did like the New York portion of the park.

And, of course, we had perfect seats for Fantasmic. If you go on a day with 2 showings, go to the later one. You can get great seats and it doesn't fill up nearly as much as the earlier show. Most of our pictures are really blurry due to the constant movement of the show, but we did get several good ones as well. Here's a nice one of Mickey.

And here are a bunch more good shots. Here's Snow White on her boat float.

These were shots projected on the water.

This was Mickey's battle with the dragon from Sleeping Beauty

And here Mickey saves the day and brings goodness back to all.

All the Disney characters come out to celebrate.

And the fireworks and water come up in a grand finale.

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