Monday, March 1, 2010


Last year my family had a whole bunch of time share points that were going to be lost if we didn't use them by the end of the year. I had never been to Florida before, so I called up my 2 best friends and asked them if they'd like to go. They said "yes" and we had the greatest week ever! And everyone contributed to making the cheap super cheap. I got the free hotel, Rachael had a great deal with the military and got us dirt cheap passes to Disney World and Sea World, and Amy drove from Mississippi so we didn't have to rent a car. It was awesome!!! We spent one day in each of the 4 parks, we went to both Disney World water parks as well as Disney Quest (the interactive theme park), we spent a day at Daytona beach, and we spent a day at Sea World. Here we are on our first full day. We've just walked into the Magic Kingdom and they gave us pins to advertise that it was our first visit.

Our first day we checked into the hotel and grilled up some steaks. We just relaxed and had a good time. This shot is from our patio. You can see the bug net.

And here are a few more shots of our enormous, gorgeous hotel.

The next day we took off for the Magic Kingdom.

The Magic Kingdom is definitely the most difficult park to get into. You have to park far away, take a tram to the water, and then take a ferry or a monorail just to get to the park. We chose the ferry. The view was great. Here I am on the tram cheering that we finally made it to Disney World!

This was the view from the Ferry

Here I am with Rachael on the Ferry

And here I am with Amy on the Ferry

Once we got there, we started riding rides and didn't stop all day. Since it took so much time to get to and from the park, we decided not to go back to the hotel for dinner. It would have taken too much time. I at first said no to the teacups, but then the girls convinced me. It was actually really fun, and I didn't feel sick. I couldn't have done it again, but we spun like crazy and had a great time.

Here we are on Stitch's ride. I was a bit disappointed by it. We never actually moved, even though there are handlebars to lock you in. You just watch what's happening and the seats spray at you and tickle you.

The Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor was great. It's a different show, and it was hil-darn-larious. It's definitely better than the Monster's Inc. ride at California Adventure.

Here we are on splash mountain. It was great to get soaked in such crazy August heat.

And here's Rachie and I at the Haunted Mansion. I finally got to go on it after waiting 14 years. The Haunted Mansion is my favorite Disney ride, and I hadn't been on it since I was 13. The 2 times I'd gone to Disneyland since then (my honeymoon and September 2008) it was closed. I was so excited to finally get to go on it again.

Then Amy and I got into trouble and had to be in the stocks all day. :)

I tried to pull the sword out of the stone, but alas, I did not succeed

And here we are in Winnie the Pooh's play area. It looks like piglet is going to attack me!

Here we are on "It's a Small World." I hadn't been on it since I was about 5, so I did want to go on it again. But I was disappointed that they never sang any language except English. Sometimes they'd give it an Oriental or a Polynesian sounding arrangement, but the language was always English. I'd really wanted to hear the song in the other languages.

And in the evening we staked out a great spot to see the SpectroMagic parade and the fireworks. We played Madlibs until they started.

Here you can see Cinderella in her pumpkin coach.

Here we have Chip and Dale on the piano.

The Alligator and hippo dancers from Fantasia.

The 3 little pigs.

The little mermaid

Musical signs

Gardens (I think these are the ones from Alice and Wonderland.

Here was a large glowing fish. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be from Fantasia or Finding Nemo.

The Centaur and arrow from Fantasia.

King Triton


A very impressive peacock

The monster from "Night on Bald Mountain"

Minnie Mouse

And the white rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland."

During the fireworks, Cinderella's castle lights up in varying colors.

It was a great day and we took the ferry back to the parking lot. It was definitely worth the trip back since they even had decorations lit up in the water.


  1. The garden is from Sleeping Beauty. We took this shot because it stars the Blue Fairy which is Amy and my favorite fairy.

  2. That's right. I remember now. The shot's so dark I couldn't tell what the fairy was.