Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oahu day 2

Oscar and I began our 2nd day with another hike - this one to the Makapu lighthouse.

We wanted to snorkel at Hanauma bay, but we didn't have a ton of time and the parking lot was full. So we just took this picture.

Here's a beautiful Oahu view from the highway.

CJ then took us out for lunch and we spent the rest of the day with her. First she took us to the Pali lookout. I'd been there twice already (though Oscar never had been there even on our last visit 2 years earlier), but CJ also took us down the original Pali highway where there are additional beautiful views of the city.

And we finished up our sightseeing at Punchbowl National Cemetery and Tantalus. What a fantastic trip! We're looking forward to cruising again someday.

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