Monday, March 1, 2010

Sea World

On Saturday, we took a break and went to the beach for some great waves. We also painted our toenails.

And I made lasagna in our fabulous hotel kitchen

On Sunday we went to Sea World. We loved the sea lion show.

I loved the dolphin show. And in Orlando, they also have professional divers as part of the show. I don't remember that from San Diego. The only bad thing about the show was that I got my very first bee sting ever! I had to go to first aid to get some sting-eaze. Fortunately, I learned that I am not allergic (I was a little worried since my sister is). I would have known immediately since it stung me right on the neck.

We also paid the extra fee to feed the dolphins.

We got to pet a Clydesdale

See sting rays and sharks

And look at the manatees.

Sea World Orlando has two really cool roller coasters that Sea World San Diego doesn't have - Manta and Kraken. Manta was really fun (and super scary) because it's trying to imitate the movements of the mantas as the swim.

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