Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holidays with the Hunts

You'd think with how festive I am at Christmastime that I'd have a ton of holiday photos. Oddly enough, I have barely any, and most of them were taken as cat pictures. But here are the few I do have. These were our decorations in 2007 at our Bothell apartment. This was the first year that Oscar insisted our Christmas be blue and silver. I was a bit hesitant at first, but then when I saw how gorgeous the tree was, I was happy to continue this tradition.

This was the little lamb (that Hana named Lammie) that Grandma Hatch gave me in Christmas 2008.

And here's Fry on the placements she gave us that year. How cute!

We actually had one of Seattle's few white Christmases. I love this shot of Leela with the snow in the background.

This year we had Thanksgiving at my sister's house. Here's Chang and Tim with the turkey.

Nick and Liz hung out with us that day too.

I finally watched "White Christmas" this year. The cats joined me.

We're not sure how, but we managed to lose the ornament Oscar's grandparents gave us to celebrate our first Christmas together. I decided to replace it with this Mickey/Minnie wedding ornament. I figured it was appropriate since we spent our honeymoon at Disneyland.

This year we decided to have a Christmas pizza party. How can you go wrong with homemade pizza and homemade eggnog. Here's Oscar making the dough.

We cleaned up before the party, and our normally fearless kitten was terrified by the vacuum cleaner that day. We couldn't find him for hours afterward. I eventually did find him here - curled up on top of the books on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. So cute!

This was 2009's Christmas tree. I even bought cat stockings!

Nibbler was a huge hassle to my tree decorating, but watching him climb it and play with the ornaments was just irresistably cute. He continued climbing it even though he managed to get himself wound up in the lights and had to be rescued.

We had an early Christmas with my sister and family since Hana was having her tonsils out on the 23rd.

On Christmas eve, Oscar and I drove to see a highly decorated house in Milcreek.

We fed our cats their favorite treat for Christmas day - Tuna!

Nibbler played with our Christmas candy, but he was more interested in the milk tie.

Here are our adorable Christmas kitties.

Here's one of Oscar's gifts to me. Hmmm...what could it be?

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