Monday, April 5, 2010

Prettiest lookout ever, Cannon Beach, and Rheinlanders

Having heard good stuff about Cannon Beach, we continued north to make that our final stop. However, we were blown away by this incredible lookout we saw on our way. It had the perfect view. All of these shots were taken from this same lookout. You could see endless turquoise ocean, beautiful cliffs, a pretty lake, a town, a beach, hills, rocks, etc.... I can't imagine what else I would desire from a viewpoint. It really was magnificent.

Next we went on to Cannon Beach, but it was actually a bit difficult to find a lookout. Eventually we decided to go into the state park, and there we found another stunning vista. This is the grass area of the park

And here's the beautiful view of Cannon beach.

This picture would make a beautiful screen saver, especially if you could make the waves move. We were just mesmerized by it all.

You could see this lighthouse in the distance.

And these rock formations.

This is what it looked like on the other side of the lighthouse.

And we had to take more pictures of the beautiful beach as we walked back.

There was even a little waterfall on the beach

And to our delight when we got back to the grass area, there were some wild deer grazing near our parking lot. I was surprised that they didn't get spooked by all the people taking pictures.

That evening we went back into Portland and saw this gorgeous mountain peak overlook.

And we finished up our trip with a fabulous fondue dinner at Rheinlanders. Happy fabulous four years Oscar! Each year just gets better and better.

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