Sunday, April 4, 2010

To Twilight town and Beyond! First stop - Cape Flattery

For our 4th anniversary, Oscar and I decided to take a trip to Forks, Washington, and then proceed down to the Portland, Oregon. Forks is the main town that the Twilight books take place in, but we didn't go for that reason. We'd heard the northern pacific coast near Forks was very pretty, and in spite of it being the rainiest region of the pacific northwest, and in spite of going during the rainiest month of the rainy season, we decided to hop in the car, take the ferry, and head west. Forks itself was actually extremely boring. I could easily tell why Bella was miserable there. There are a few Twilight signs (like the picture above of the line between Forks and La Push), but it's really not worth making a trip just for Forks. However, it was definitely worth the trip for the fantastic coastal views we got. This shot below is actually a coastal view near us, so we figured it had to be even more beautiful as we traveled along the coast.

Here we are on the Ferry.

It looks like it's going to be a nasty, rainy day. I was beginning to regret this idea as we drove through sheets of rain.

But to our pleasant surprise, we had a delightfully sunny trip as soon as we made it to the first gorgeous lookout.

Next we proceeded on to Washington's northernmost point - Cape Flattery. It was 2 hours out of the way of where we were going, but it was absolutely worth it. Here's me all bundled up for the small hike (it may have been sunny but it was still chilly).

This was the GORGEOUS first lookout along the trail.

2nd lookout

This grotto was pretty cool. I wanted to see inside of it. Maybe there's buried treasure!

3rd lookout

And this is the final lookout with views on all sides.

You can easily see the Canadian coast of Vancouver island.

Here's the lighthouse from the lookout.

We made it to our bed and breakfast in Forks at about 7:00pm that night. The town named it the Cullen house. It doesn't look anything like the house in the Twilight movies, but it actually matches pretty well with the description found in the books. The bed and breakfast is actually called "The Miller Tree Inn," and they took really good care of us during our stay. I'd definitely recommend it. We loved sitting in the hot tub under the stars, and we loved the gingerbread pancakes they made for breakfast.

Here's the inside where you can see Edward's piano.

And this is the farm nearby.

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