Sunday, April 4, 2010

Victoria BC Canada

For the last couple days of December, Oscar and I took a mini trip up to Victoria Canada. This is me all bundled up when we arrived on that cold day.

We nearly missed our Ferry that day. We got there at around 7:45 for our 8am ferry, and we'd forgotten our passports! We had to drive home and back before the 8:30 ferry. It was tight, but we made it. Here's the Victoria harbor.

We walked to our hotel so that we could see the bay along our way.

Unfortunately the zipper on my coat was broken so all I could do was tie it partially shut.

This was a pretty waterfall at one of the nearby hotels.

Here's the Victoria state building in the main piazza of town.

Oscar loved seeing parking spaces meant for smart cars.

Here are some more shots of the Victoria bay.

I LOVED that our hotel had a blue and silver Christmas tree in the lobby.

Here's a shot of me near the popcorn stand.

And a few shots of us at the Gingerbread house.

That night we ate at "Il Pagliaccio." The wait was long, but the food was great.

And of course, we had to walk around and see Victoria lit up for Christmas.

I love the reflections of the lights on the water.

Some people even decorated their boats.

These were the decorated trees near our hotel.

The next day we saw the back of the main state building.

Then we went on to tour Craigdarroch castle.

These are the cool staircases.

I had to take a picture of the Christmas trees.

And, of course, I had to see the antique instruments.

This was the dining room. I wanted to sit down and have a banquet.

And here's the breakfast room. Can you imagine being so rich that you have a different room for each meal?!

And here's the sitting room.

Next we visited the miniature museum. Here are two of the battle miniatures.

There were a lot of train miniatures that would let you watch the trains go through the hills and cities.

Here's a car show. I loved all the little antique cars.

And, naturally, I LOVED the Christmas miniatures.

Here's a cute one of Gulliver.

The old woman who lived in a shoe.


A piazza roundabout in Florence.

Trains pulled up at the station.

A parade.

My favorites were the circus and the carnival miniatures.

Here I am by a pretty fountain just outside the museum.

Here I am at the Cactus Cafe where we went for lunch. It was better than I was expecting from the outside appearance of the restaurant.

And we finished our trip with gelato. Isn't it gorgeous? I love the way they decorate it! Yummy and pretty!

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  1. Can you imagine being so rich you have to have a room for sitting?