Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hurricane Ridge, Crescent Lake, and the nearby waterfalls

Last Thursday, Oscar and I went back to Port Angeles to see the gorgeous glacier topped peaks at Hurricane Ridge.

On our way back down, there was an extremely curious, friendly deer. She came within two feet of our car, and when we started driving away, she followed us. It was awesome to be so close to her.

This is the small trail to one of the lookouts on the way back down from Hurricane Ridge.

And here's the pretty lookout. It would have been better if there hadn't been so much fog.

I like how Oscar's bald head looks like it's disappearing into the clouds.

There was also a really pretty view of Port Angeles and the coast from this viewpoint.

Next we went to see the small Madison Creek waterfall. It would have normally been $15 to park here, but the fee was free for the week. We're glad we didn't have to pay. It would have been a disappointing waterfall for $15.

I snapped this cute shot of Oscar inside an enormous tree stump.

At this point our camera said low battery, so we don't have as many shots of beautiful Crescent Lake and Marymere Falls.

This was our last picture of me on the trail.

The waterfall was quite pretty. I pulled this shot off the internet.

For some reason our camera wouldn't let us take pictures when the battery was that dead, but it did let us take a little video of the falls.

Twin falls and Snoqualmie

A few weeks ago, we decided to go with Liz to Snoqualmie Falls and Twin Falls. Snoqualmie was beautiful, but it wasn't gushing as much as I've seen it in the past, which was surprising considering all the rainfall we'd had that month.

Afterwards we went to Twin Falls state park and started the hike to twin falls.

Unfortunately it started hailing on us.

Supposedly the end of the trail would get you to a great viewpoint of the falls.

But since it was hailing, we were getting soaked, I'd been sick recently, and we had no idea exactly how much further it was, we decided to turn around before we got to the end. In the end we only saw the falls from the first viewpoint. We could see it slightly better than the picture the camera took, but I'd still like to go back and finish the hike sometime.

New car and the air and space museum

Oscar and I have leased a 2010 prius. We decided to lease since we don't know how long lasting the prius is and we figure by the end of our lease we can do some research on the early prius models and see how long they lasted their owners. If it seems like it'd be a good car to us for a good amount of time, then we'll go ahead and buy it.

Oscar and I went down to the air and space museum with the scouts on March 4th. It's free every Thursday night. They close some of the cooler areas for cleaning, but it's still fun to check it out.

My Leela sits on my lap again. She used to sit on our laps all the time as a kitten. Then she decided to start curling up next to us, but refused to sit on or even walk on us. About a year ago she started sitting on Oscar's lap again (I was jealous), and finally she'll sit on my lap again. All of the cats still prefer Oscar, but at least they love me too. Apparently Oscar just has the best lovies.