Saturday, May 1, 2010

Twin falls and Snoqualmie

A few weeks ago, we decided to go with Liz to Snoqualmie Falls and Twin Falls. Snoqualmie was beautiful, but it wasn't gushing as much as I've seen it in the past, which was surprising considering all the rainfall we'd had that month.

Afterwards we went to Twin Falls state park and started the hike to twin falls.

Unfortunately it started hailing on us.

Supposedly the end of the trail would get you to a great viewpoint of the falls.

But since it was hailing, we were getting soaked, I'd been sick recently, and we had no idea exactly how much further it was, we decided to turn around before we got to the end. In the end we only saw the falls from the first viewpoint. We could see it slightly better than the picture the camera took, but I'd still like to go back and finish the hike sometime.

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