Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beautiful Crater Lake

Crater Lake, which is pretty much out in the middle of nowhere in south central Oregon, is probably the most stunningly beautiful lake I've ever seen. It filled in the crater of an ancient volcano, and the water is a deep, midnight blue. It was actually considered a sacred place by the native peoples, and they weren't allowed to look on it. It was believed that you would die if you saw it.

Though we had a few gray clouds, I think they made the color of the water even more beautiful than when I'd seen it in pictures on a sunny day. I think the depth is what makes it so blue. It's actually the deepest lake in the US (1,949 ft).

At the beginning of our trip halfway around the lake (the gates were locked at that point), the clouds barely blocked the mountain tops. We could still see the mountaintops with our eyes, but the camera couldn't capture them.

But the lake and its surrounding landscape were still very beautiful.

I love this shot of me at the Lake!

Fortunately the clouds started clearing as we went along.

You can tell how super cold it was by how we're dressed. It was barely above freezing, and there was still snow on the road. That's the reason why we weren't allowed to go around the whole thing.

But it was totally worth it to brave the cold for these fantastic pictures.

The nice thing was that, by the time we got to where the gates were closed, the clouds had moved away from our area for the most part, and gone back to the area where we'd started from. We timed it perfectly.

It was just so gorgeous. Just look at that lake!

Just look at that mountain/volcano!

I really liked this little island in the middle of the lake.

It was deserted for the most part, but at our final stop we found another couple to take our picture.

And we had to take one last picture just because it was so beautiful and so difficult to tear ourselves away.

Oscar really liked the "Pumice Desert" we drove through on our way out of Crater Lake and on to Medford, OR.

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