Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Scenic Drive to the Three Sisters

On our way to Bend, OR, we took the "scenic drive" our GPS recommended. However, it was gray the entire way through, and didn't break until we got to the town of "Three Sisters," named after the spectacular view of the 3 sister mountains you can see as you drive through. First we stopped at a lake along the drive.

Here we stood on the ancient volcanic rock. It reminded me of being on the big island of Hawaii.

There was a lookout fortress for viewing the different mountains.

This guide directed you toward each mountain. I love that one peak is called "The Husband."

These were views from the lookout. They would have been better on a clearer day. We'll have to go back.

This was the first sister we saw as we came into town.

These are some shots of the cute town itself.

The view of the sisters was, fortunately, becoming clearer as we drove.

This lookout would be spectacular on a clear day. We could still see the mountains, but the clouds blocked their tops.

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  1. Such a beautiful part of the country. Brad has always wanted to live in Oregon. Glad you guys had a great safe trip!