Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trees of Mystery

Within Redwood National Park, there was a little pay entrance park called Trees of Mystery. There were lots of cool trees to see, plus a ride up and down the skycoaster to the top of the mountain. It was totally worth the $14. I loved this life size Paul Bunyan and Babe they had out front.

They even had someone doing voice overs and reacting to the crowd from a voice box within Paul. The hand could even wave hello.

First you enter a cute garden area.

Then it's time for some funky trees. Oscar looks cute with the elephant tree.

These two pictures are both the same tree. It fell, but continued to grow horizontally instead of vertically.

I'm kneeling near a tree with a natural tunnel. We took a picture with me inside it, but it didn't turn out.

Oscar can be so cute!

But not when he's constipated! :)

Such a pretty mill.

They don't know what causes these pointy branches, but they sure look scary.

A lot of people get married in this park near this sacred tree.

The trees here were a "wee bit" bigger than average.

We then hopped on the skycoaster. It was fun and we enjoyed the view. Oscar especially liked the stairs leading all the way up. You actually have the option to hike back down after riding up. We didn't take that option. :)

Here's Oscar basking in the view.

And taking more pictures of the endless stairs.

But mostly, he liked the row upon row of trees.

There were gorgeous views at the top lookout. We suggested they put a restaurant there.

I love this picture I took of Oscar with the gorgeous view behind him.

This is the candelabra tree. It really looked cool to see the 3 vertical branches on a horizontal trunk.

We loved the tree carvings.

Good doggie!

Pack rats

I LOVED this mosquito!


World's fastest waiter. There was a lot of work put into this one with all those small, intricate lines.

Pooped logger

Hospital bed

This face looked really cool.

Boot em!

Haircut. It's much worse for you if the barber makes a mistake!

Swiss army knife. I don't know that it would fit in your pocket, though.

This gigantic mounted squirrel was awesome!

And my final message to Oscar for taking me on this wonderful trip!

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