Wednesday, August 18, 2010

24th of July Fireworks in Downtown Vancouver

In Vancouver during the month a July, they have fireworks every night over the bay in Downtown every Wednesday and Saturday night. We weren't aware of this when we planned our day, but our friendly waitress at Earl's told us we had to go see them and gave us directions. I couldn't miss the opportunity to see fireworks, and she'd told us we might be able to find free parking on this particular street.

We found a spot, and I helped direct Oscar to make the most amazing parallel parking job ever.

The car behind was too bad, but look how close he is to the car in front.

We were a little early, so we stopped by Stanley Park to walk around a bit and enjoy the fountain.

And strolled through the downtown shops. Oscar loves pizza, makes delicious pizza himself, and would love to own his own pizzeria one day. So of course I cracked up when I saw this restaurant.

Fortunately we just happened to bring along a pillow and blanket for our road trip, so we were able to set up with perfect viewing for the fireworks and enjoy the sunset.

Then it was showtime! (You might have to click on these pictures to actually see the fireworks)

It was a really good show.

My favorite kind is when one large firework turns into 50 small ones.

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