Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alexander Falls and the Scenic Sea to Sky Highway

As we left Whistler, we stopped off at Alexander Falls. This is a stunning falls that pretty much nobody has ever heard of, but that was easily accessible and my favorite falls of the trip.

The reason nobody has every heard of it is that it used to be several miles up a terrible road, a road we actually ended up taking since our directions were old. But since this is also an area where a lot of skiing events took place during the 2010 Winter Olympics, they recently built a nice paved road called "Callaghan" that takes you directly to the lookout.

You can tell how big and beautiful it is from this picture and the one above.

And Oscar insisted on freaking me out by climbing up here.

The Callaghan road was well paved and had some gorgeous views of the mountains.

Oscar found a rock he had to climb. I tried, but I didn't make it very far.

Then we got back on the super scenic sea to sky highway.

This time we stopped at the "warrior rock" I mentioned in the Shannon Falls post.

Oscar tried to climb it. He was unsuccessful.

We saw some houses on the top of the hill that have these views.

I can't even imagine how much money they would cost.

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  1. Oh my! Those are the prettiest pictures yet! (the last set) I'd take one of those views...