Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beautiful Butchart Gardens

On our last trip to Victoria, everyone had told us to go to Butchart Gardens. However, it's pretty expensive, and I wasn't sure I wanted to pay that much money if it wasn't go to be at its fullest potential. Plus, we didn't have a car, and we didn't want to pay a bunch of money for transportation. So we decided we had to come back in the summer when it was in full bloom.

It was pricey (about $30 a person), but luckily we just happened to be there on a Saturday, and they do a really cool fireworks show every Saturday during the summer. That at least made the price more worth it.

There was so much to see that We took almost 200 pictures in the garden. I won't post them all, but I'll still post a lot. I liked these pretty purple flowers,

and the pink and white flowers.

These hanging pink flowers were pretty.

I liked this area of hanging flowers. You can have a wedding here (though it probably costs a zillion dollars), and I'm sure this is one of the main areas they use for pictures.

I loved this pretty valley with the deer sculptures.

I always enjoy seeing large plants.

Here's a shot of me in the main garden.

They also had a fountain with dancing waters and music.

I'd love to sit by these ponds and read a book.

We spent the evening wandering through the different pathways of flowers

I liked these girly pink and purple flowers.

They had a sculpted, artistic lookout for viewing the garden.

And this is the view from there.

I like seeing rows of multicolored flowers

And having Oscar take most of the pictures. Occasionally I'd snap one of him, but the photography is mostly his work.

These red flowers were cute.

And I thought these flowers with funky rays looked fun to decorate with.

This is a nice encompassing shot of the pond, trees, and flowers.

There were still some natural untouched hillside areas in the park. It actually used to be a mining area.

I'd like to see this place at Christmas. These trees would look great decorated in lights. We could have done it before since we came in December, but we didn't have transportation.

The merry go round figures were interesting. Here's a killer whale.

And a wild cat with a fish in its mouth.

This pathway to the Japanese gardens was pretty.

I'm sure they use this archway a lot for weddings.

They've got the potential for a flower maze here.

The eel fountain looked really cool.

The Japanese garden was tranquil and pretty.

Oscar loves bamboo.

There's even some spots where you can see the Coast through flowered archways.

I don't know the name of these funky trees, but they're so cute.

I liked the spitting frog fountain.

These were the greenhouse flowers.

We took a nap at about 8:30 in the car, and then came back to see the gardens in the dark. The pictures can't capture the images as well, but I did think it was prettier then. I'd love to see it at Christmas.

And the fountain colors looked really pretty in the dark.

The fireworks show was great. It wasn't just shooting fire in the sky, either. They had a different fire show for each music track. My favorite was the milk song. Unfortunately none of our pictures of it turned out well.

It was really cool to watch, but there was a ton of smoke. Sometimes it got a little too intense for optimal viewing.

And even though they told us to plan for an hour to get out of the parking lot, we got out in about 5 minutes. Hooray for us!

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