Monday, August 16, 2010

Brandywine Falls complete with rainbow

After coming out of Shannon Falls, we stopped in Squammish to have lunch at Boston Pizza. We discovered how much we liked this Canadian chain while we were up in Prince George, and we went on Tuesday for cheap Pasta day.

Funny story - while we were on our Oregon trip, I had a random craving and said "I really wish we could go to Boston Pizza." Within 10 seconds we passed a place called Boston's - the Gourmet Pizza. We laughed our heads off. It wasn't the same chain, but it looked really similar in its design and colors of the restaurant and logo. How random is that!

Another cool thing about stopping in Squammish was that we dropped into a nearby Longs Drugs to pick up some sunscreen, and saw these 4 olympic mascot dolls for $15. I didn't buy them then, but when I saw they were $45 in Whistler, I made sure to pick them up on my way back.

There weren't many lookouts on the east side of the street (obviously most would be on the west/coastal side), but there was one pretty area we pulled off to take some pictures at.

A local wood company even provided us with benches. Apparently they use a type of wood that's more flexible than others.

Then we arrived at Brandywine Falls Provincial Park and took the 1K hike to Brandywine Falls. I'd recommend clicking on this picture so you can see the beauty of the water as it flows into the giant gorge.

It had started to rain, but it cleared up at the falls.

The falls are beautiful, but the gorge it flows into is even more so.

And once we made it to our hotel in Whistler, the rain had cleared and left us a pretty little half rainbow.

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  1. Well, it's not a triple rainbow... but it's still full on.