Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Exploring North Vancouver

Since we'd already visited Vancouver a couple of times before, we decided not to go downtown and do the classic touristy stuff. We ultimately decided to stay out of the big city since we'd been there before and done most everything the Vancouver tourism websites were suggesting we do. Plus, Oscar had only been there in the winter, and I figured he'd want to see some of the pretty summer views of North Vancouver. First we stopped off to do a short hike to Cedar Falls.

It looked really dinky compared to the gorgeous ones we'd just seen.

And we weren't able to get the best view of it.

There was one point where I almost stepped into a more dangerous area (though not blocked off) to get a better view, but then I said to myself "if I'm going to die getting a good view of a waterfall, it better be a heck of a lot more impressive than this one.

Our next stop took us to considerably more scenic views.

We stopped off at lighthouse point for some gorgeous views of the coast and downtown Vancouver.

I love this cute picture of us!

But I must tell about our idiotic, potentially catastrophic mistake. At both Qualicum Falls and Nairn Falls, there was a main viewpoint, but you could walk all over the monstrous rocks to see more viewpoints. Anywhere that was unsafe to continue was fenced off. This was not true here. We kept walking on the big rocks, assuming a fence would stop us from going too far.

We were wrong. We ended up having to jump down this cliff since it was impossible to go back up the area we'd already come through. Oscar made it just fine and then helped me. I nearly toppled both of us over losing my balance when I got to the bottom rock and tumbling off, but he stayed stable and kept us both from falling. Thinking about how scary that was seriously made me feel nauseated for some time afterwards. And the thing that really sucked was discovering we could have gotten precisely to where we ended up simply by taking an easy pathway. Needless to say, we took it on the way back.

I even ruined my shoes accidentally by snagging them on a branch for that pointless detour.

But I got over my nausea once we got back on the main paths and got back to seeing the gorgeous views.

There was even a decent view of Mt Baker and downtown Vancouver.

And an even better view of Mt Baker was waiting for us at our hotel. Too bad that telephone line was in the way.

We spent the rest of the night vegging out and eating delicious pizza from our new favorite Canadian pizza chain - Panago. It's delicious, they make it to order and do it super quickly, and they have lots of interesting ingredients. If you're in Canada and want pizza, I highly recommend Panago. Yum, Yum, Yum!!!

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