Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exploring Victoria with a vehicle

We were really excited to have a car while we were in Victoria. Last time we took the passenger ferry and didn't rent a car, so all the sight-seeing we did had to be within walking distance. This time we got to go to see beautiful Beacon Hill Park.

I loved this pretty bridge.

As well as the fountains and flowers.

Next we continued along the coast and climbed out to some beautiful view points of the ocean, the coast of Port Angeles, WA, and the Olympic Peninsula.

This tiny dog, who was no larger than our smallest cat, decided Oscar was his worst enemy.

My husband and his silly faces. :)

I really like when the ocean shimmers in the sun like this.

Oscar insists I look at the sun when we take pictures so the lighting on me is good, but I always look weird since I have to squint.

Next we went on up to Gonzales Hill for some more beautiful views of the coast and the surrounding area.

We had some nice views of Washington's Mt Baker.

You could see Mount Douglas from here, the mountain we'd climbed earlier that day.

I would love to have a house up here with these beautiful views.

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