Monday, August 16, 2010

Ferrying to the Canadian Mainland

Our time on Vancouver Island ended and we took off on the BC Ferries to go to Horseshoe Bay in North Vancouver.

This is a view looking back at the city of Nanaimo.

We sailed through several islands like this one.

I just love being on boats, big or small.

We got a preview of the lovely views we'd see on the Sea to Sky highway.

I like when the clouds swirl like this.

I love watching the boat churn up the water. On our cruise to Hawaii I always tried to sit next to this part of the boat whenever I could.

We started getting closer to the mainland.

Vancouver is in sight! And it stayed that way for awhile since we had to anchor here for awhile due to another ship coming out of harbor late.

Once we started moving again, it started getting prettier and prettier.

It was crazy windy.

These islands near Vancouver are really pretty. Only a couple of them are actually populated.

These final mountains made me really excited to get off the boat and start driving through them.

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