Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Qualicum Falls

Though there were 3 waterfalls near Nanaimo that we wanted to see, we were only able to see 1 - little Qualicum Falls. We weren't able to find the other two due to inaccurate directions, but at least the waterfalls we did see were really pretty, and they were split up into multiple falls. It actually reminded me a bit of the Seven Sacred Pools on Maui. We first hiked down to the Lower Qualicum Falls pictured above, then we hiked towards the Upper Qualicum Falls.

Oscar liked seeing me surrounded by trees.

I liked having the occasional stairs along the hike.

And fortunately the upper falls were a good deal more impressive than the lower falls. The water flow was pretty intense and we stood around watching it for awhile. I wonder when that tree trunk fell into it.

This was our view as we came back south. We'd passed Englishman River Falls (one of the other falls we wanted to see), since for some reason there's not an exit to it heading south on the highway. I'd seen one as we went north, and kept my eye out for it on the way back. But by the time we figured out our mistake, we didn't want to drive 20 miles back to it.

We started hiking to where our GPS told us Ammonite Falls would be. But after not finding it after a considerable steep hike, and seeing we had at least as much more to go, we decided to turn around. We didn't know for sure that our GPS was correct (we were going on coordinates from a random website), and we didn't want to get lost in the dark searching for something that might not even be there. At least we enjoyed a pretty hike in the woods, even if we didn't see the final falls.

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