Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nairn Falls, Mt Rohr, and Mt Currie

It was super hot that day, and our hotel didn't have any air conditioning. They get excess heat so rarely that it doesn't make sense to spend the money on air conditioning. And since we didn't want to stay in our stuffy hotel, we drove off north towards Nairn Falls.

We had to drive about 20k north to get there. Fortunately it was a very pretty drive through the valley.

I hadn't originally intended to come to this area since it was out of the way of everything else we were doing.

Plus it required a 1.5 kilometer hike each way, so I knew it would take a fair amount of time.

And I hadn't found the pictures of it impressive enough to make it worth taking up that much time of our trip. But since we ended up having the time anyway, we decided to take the side trip. This below is the main viewpoint. It was okay, but we'd already seen 3 prettier waterfalls.

But this is what really made it worth it! The rushing water was hypnotic. It was hard to tear ourselves away.

The splash coming off this water was SO strong! It made a constant rainbow on the rocks across the river. I would have liked to see it from just behind the rainbow.

You had to go out further on the rocks to see this part of the falls, and since it's not on the main path, it'd be easy to not realize it's there. But there is a gate put up where it is unsafe to continue on. Of course, with the rush of water as great as it was, I wouldn't have been surprised if the rock had collapsed underneath me.

There was so much spray and runoff from a relatively small waterfall!

We then continued north in the hopes of seeing what we thought was Mount Currie. On our trip back from Prince George last year, we'd seen a beautiful mountain just as the sun was setting. And we hoped to see it again.

The mountain we were looking for was much further away than we were expecting. It turned out that this was Mount Currie, and it was just around the corner. But we didn't realize it until our way back. Ironically, we said to ourselves as we drove by, "I wonder if this pretty mountain has a name."

The mountain we'd seen on our previous trip, which we'd assumed from the map was Mount Currie, was actually called Mount Rohr.

And we knew it was the same one we'd seen before since we recognized this viewpoint immediately.

Oscar had also remembered these logs.

It might have been a long drive, but we are glad we came back to see it and learn it's true identity.

We enjoyed seeing the different views of it as we drove back south. It was a nice way to spend our time away from our hot hotel.

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